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IDA Investigation Leads to Criminal Charges Against World's Largest Lab Supplier

For the first time in U.S. history, criminal charges for multiple counts of animal cruelty have been filed against an animal research laboratory for its operator's alleged institutional neglect and abandonment of chimpanzees.
The unprecedented complaint, filed by Otero County, New Mexico District Attorney Scot Key, alleges that negligence surrounding the deaths of the chimpanzees Rex and Ashley, and the near-death of Topsy, at the Alamogordo Primate Facility (APF) constitute criminal animal cruelty.

District Attorney Key's investigation of possible criminal wrongdoing in the treatment of chimpanzees at the APF was prompted by IDA, which provided his office with evidence from its network of whistleblowers indicating grave and willful negligence on the part of APF management.

Based on whistleblower information, IDA informed the D.A. that APF officials repeatedly left injured or dying chimpanzees in the "care" of untrained maintenance/security workers. Ashley had been bleeding much of the day she died after suffering a wound to her "sex skin" and exhibited possible signs of shock before being abandoned by the APF animal care staff. Nine months later, Topsy suffered a similar wound, and almost bled to death after APF animal care staff left the lab. Rex, who had been ill for months, was unconscious and vomiting the day he died. APF senior staff ordered that animal caretakers stop the suctioning of vomit from his mouth before leaving; Rex was found dead hours later, with vomit in his mouth and trachea.

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