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Billionaires for Bush?!

in early July I attended a Nader nominating convention in Dowtown Portland. Outside was a vehemently pro-Kerry group calling themselves "Billionaires for Bush."
in early July I attended a Nader nominating convention in Dowtown Portland to attempt to get Ralph Nader on the Oregon Ballots. Outside was a vehemently pro-Kerry group calling themselves "Billionaires for Bush." This didn't bother me at all, i just engaged them in conversation. What bothers me is what happened next. Multnomah County democrats got inside the convention, taking up limited seating and blocking people from signing the petition. Some refused to sign the petition while others signed fake names. This was a major infringement on the "democratic" process and Ralph Nader was blocked from getting on the ballot by less than 100 signatures.
What also struck me about "Billionaires for Bush" was the irony of its name. John Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz-Kerry is a billionaire. Vice presidential candidate John Edwards owns a $4 million house on a lake yet they still claim to represent the people. John Kerry is as much a member of the elite as George Bush is.
The people will not accept someone who, less than a month ago said that knowing what he knows now he would go into Iraq, as a true opposition candidate. not only does John Kerry support the war, but he supports Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine and will continue to send them billions of dollars in money and weapons technology.
John Kerry has entirely ignored the issues of the left and has played on our hatred and fear of the current administration to grab our vote. The people will not vote for someone slightly better, just because he is slightly better...At least they shouldn't.
you're right 12.Sep.2004 11:50


I was staff at the Nader event there, working outside, making sure the public knew how the event was going to happen and to see the the visitors weren't harrassed by the protestors. One great moment came when the chant began "Kerry's a billionaire! Kerry's a billionaire!" to counteract those people. They just replied that they weren't there to discuss JFK, but to protest Nader.
Of course the event ended with the local democrats using the sleaziest methods that would once be thought to be republican methods of stopping democracy, and it became clear who the enemy was.

I met some of these folks in summer 2000 12.Sep.2004 19:39

on the rear steps of U.S. Capitol, DC

(while temporarily working for PIRG there myself, ironically)

when they were just starting their group. seemed pretty cool, with a fresh, ironic take on activism and awareness-raising.

of course things have changed a lot since summer 2000

summer 2000 13.Sep.2004 12:08

I remember

They were called

Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)

These so-called Billionaires for Bush are a pale imitation.