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fire wyden

fire wyden.
Most of you know wyden has essentially been voting like a right wing shill for quite some time. He voted for the patriot act, unhealthy forests, and recently for the censorship rider attached to the magnum mil. spending bill.

I've been in contact with theresa keane, actually until yesterday when I heard it on kboo I had no idea she was running.

Her site is at:  http://votekeane.org/

she needs help. I hope a dialogue can be started to be sure she's visible on this site.

correct as usual,
king friday
I second dumping Wyden 11.Sep.2004 18:41

Menopause red

Lets not forget Wyden's sellout on the Medisnare bill last Nov. Go Teresa, whoever you are.

Keane For Senate 12.Sep.2004 07:54

Regime Change

Ron Wyden is bought and sold. He thinks he has a lifetime Senate appointment and takes pride in compromising with Right-Wing Gordon Smith. Wyden supports: forest destruction, the Palestinian Wall, privitiation of Medicare and the U.S. Patriot Act. Let's support Teresa Keane, the Green Party candidate and create a grass roots ground swell to defeat Wyden.

cool 12.Sep.2004 20:44

king friday

I encourage people to contact keane at her website [listed above in the original post]. I did and I got a personal e.mail from her, as well as one from her campaign manager.

I suggested to her she post her info on pdximc, being most people haven't even heard of her.
I've noticed her website is kind of messed up, to read her policies and such you have to scroll down about half way on each page, the top is blank.