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see the 3-minute documentary that michael moore does not want you to see.
I got this link off the Clinton Street Theatre website:
FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Clinton Street Theatre Website

Check it out. It seems that Moore no longer releases his work to independent movie theatres, whose support made him the star he is........... File is in the Real Media Format

homepage: homepage: http://rubbergashproductions.com/Finding_Fahrenheit_911.rm

p2p 11.Sep.2004 16:55

king friday

Michael moore said in an interview with democracy now done on the second day of the rnc protests he encourages people to download f911 on p2p, torrent, and to distribute it freely.

supernova.org has it, p2p as well, thoughyou need to be sure w p2p that you're downloading the actual film, 'uncovered' is listed as f911 on some limewire servers.


Relay 11.Sep.2004 17:14

did Michael Moore

tell you this personnelly or is this something you dream up at the last Bund meeting?

not a michael moore movie 11.Sep.2004 23:26


just saw an excellent documentary..."hijacking catastrophe". it goes way beyond MM's sugar coated, hollywood flick. look it up and go see it.