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Remember 3.15.03 - Video

Original video of peace rally in Portland on March 15, 2003 - the same day that 11 million people took to the streets worldwide. This is a call to everyone to remember peace, not violence and death, on this anniversary of 9/11.
10 days ago - labor day - I was digging through some old tapes, and I happened to run across some video that I had shot at the peace march that took place in Portland on March 15, 2003. I had almost totally forgotten about that rally, and when I sat down and watched the tape, it had a definite impact on me.

Watching all of those thousands of people, many with signs, many chanting, some just walking, and some dancing, I was struck by how far we have come from that day. Not just in days, dollars, and bodies, but also in perceptions.

Today we are faced with the inextricable problem of 140,000 of our soldiers entangled in the occupation of a foreign country that is on the verge of collapse even with their presence. In this situation few people even consider the possibility of peaceful solutions. And none of those who do are running for president as the candidate of a major party.

"I'm John Kerry and I'm Reporting for Duty"

And I am really going to vote for this guy?

After watching that tape a few more times, I decided that I had to share it, and what better day then today.

Instead of remembering death, and destruction, I encourage you to take the time to remember Peace, and remember what it was like to stand shoulder to shoulder with tens of thousands of Portlanders, and in spirit with millions around the world, and believe that Peace was possible. It may be just me, but I think that if we stand on our convictions, it still is.

This video is encoded with XviD. www.divx.com has codecs available for both Windows and Macintosh.

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