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9.11 investigation

911skeptics.blogspot (Issue 09/11)

Reflections on 9/11 Investigations and post-political aftermath

Friday, September 10, 2004


Saturday, 11 September 2004
By Ewing2001


9/11 Truth Seekers and the Anniversary

Forget the RNC. This week was the real warm-up for the international 9/11 Truth Movement.
All Top-Researchers and Activists did their best job ever, to leading in with brandnew articles, public events, protests, new books and other products.

Synchronised with the third anniversary of 9/11, many new books and DVDs are coming out this week. The topics, the still unanswered questions surrounding the attacks of 9-11.
In Germany, two new books ("Myth 9'/11" and "The censored day") are climbing to the
top of the bestseller lists.

In the U.S., new zealand author Paul Thompson released his "terror timeline", journalist Peter Lance is on tour with his new book "Cover-up", canadian television journalist Barry Zwicker has released his new DVD, "The Great Conspiracy", and ex-LAPD Mike Ruppert is scheduled to release "Crossing the Rubicon" next week.

Vermont Senate Candidate Chris Hill ,during a recent press conference played a tape ,which he claims is new "visual evidence" on US Government Complicity in the events. He will come to New York.

This week also there are many anniversary events focusing on the unanswered questions of 9/11.
In New York, INN World Report will co-host "Confronting the evidence- A call to reopen the 9/11
Investigation", this Saturday, at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom.

I never received so many updates out of the 9/11 Truth Movement, than this week.
The biggest intensity came from New York.
Summer of Truth and INN World Report basically got into various catfights over the event on Sep11th, in the Grand Ballroom, because both sides were fighting about their integrity and different ideas of strategy.


In between, Zogby 9/11 Poll Sponsor Jimmy Walters, who tried his best to calm down both sides.
Already on Wednesday, 911truth.org, ny911truth and summeroftruth.org packed the House in Harlem, with an allstar line up around Cynthia McKinney, John Judge, Mike Ruppert, Barrie Zwicker, Paul Thompson (this week on Fox and Friends, and Air America) and Dr. Faiz Khan, who was one of the first responders on Sept. 11, also a respected leader in the New York Muslim community.

Not so nice, another incident between progressive 9/11 truth individualists and SummerofTruth (Nic Levis). Voxfux.com and SGTV got both whisked out of the event.

On the side of INN World Report around "rock'n roll producer" Lenny Charles, we tried to save our integrity as well, by trying to focus strongly on the physical evidence of 9/11.

On Saturday, a 25-member team of the 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance (Contact: 911Science@email.com) will premiere a new mini brochure with the best websites on physical evidence and research, at the event.

Here is their own press release. (* Special thanks to Alex "Attorney" for the PR and Tom Gordon for his hard job on the brochure)

In the last 24 hours we still tried to organise suprise acts for the warm-up section between 7-8 PM.


To be expected, planned or promised to show up:

-Webster Tarpley, promoting his new book
-Paul J. Landis, promoting his new book Stop Bush Now
-Barry Zwicker, promoting his new DVD
-various witnesses of the crime scene at Ground Zero
-some firefighter surprise guests
-a brandnew interview with Scott Forbes (Fiduciary Trust), who claimed, that he fixed a Power Shutdown, in the Towers, in the week before Sep11th
-a quick telephone interview With Col.Donn Grand Du Prez, who has evidence on the shutdown of Flight 93


-a thermographic photographer with new evidence about the heat on the fire of that day
-Journalists from Wall Street Journal and LA Times
-special surprise guest as moderator (hint: a friend of Ed Asner)
-Ty Rauber, with a new documentary about ex-FBI John O'Neill
-Excerpts of Dr. Stefan G.E. Grossmann's new DVD, incl. WTC High Res pictures: "Osama is innocent"
-rare video footage of 'explosions' in the tower (Discovery Channel and Amateur Footage),
before the WTC Collapse, provided by US Senator Candidate Craig Hill (vermont)
-current mega download "seller", an 8 minute macromedia flash, "Pentagon Strike" by "W", London
-various members of the "9/11 Science and Justice Alliance", including as panelists via video or live: Eric Hufschmidt, Jeff "plaguepuppy" King. Also invited: Scott Loughrey and others...
-various special VIP apperances, among them David Johannsen (ex-New York Dolls), US Green Part representatives of presidential candidate David Cobb, who just called for a new 9/11 probe

-T-Shirts by SGTV, other merchandising: Gabriel Day, 911sharethetruth.org
-9/11 activist group representatives of 911truth.org, ny911truth.org, Stop the Police State, 9/11 Truth Action and others...
-9/11 Truth Candidate John Buchanan
-planned radio- and video live streams
-plus more surprise stunts...

My special props are getting to Tom Gordon and Alex "Attorney", who coordinated the PR of the 9/11 Truth and Justice Alliance, and produced their own brochure.

Big thanks to all "Special Panelists" or Presenters, who supported us from Day 1, against all incoming sabotage or other manipulations, among them:


David Ray Griffin
author of The New Pearl Harbor

Dr. Robert Bowman
Institute for Space and Security Studies

David von Kleist
filmmaker: In Plane Sight

We hope, it will be an exciting evening, with as less technical difficulties as possible.

Because of the immense input of 9/11 stuff, i will skip the political news from this week, but basically one can reduce it to less surprising, but still shocking news:

Russia is building up for WW4(3), Bush is leading with 4 points and Bob Graham is playing into the anti-Saudia Arabia PsyOP.

Let's jump to the intense output this week from the 9/11 "Truth" Movement.


News from 9/11 Researchers and 9/11 activists

9/11 Omission Hearings

This new project from Kyle Hence and John Judge premiered this week in NY(09/09) and DC(09/11) and was covered in Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
The Omission Hearings (soon to be released as a book) are organized by 911Truth.Org and 911CitizensWatch.org, and chaired by Cynthia McKinney


Eric Hufschmid's new project, 911sb.org includes now a 20 minute section with Senator Dayton's remarks on NORAD at http://911sb.org/911.wmv plus




Explosive Growth of the 9/11 Truth Movement - Major Events Planned World-Wide:

Japan's TV Asahi presents 9/11 Unanswered Questions (Sept 11)
(NOTE: Originally, Kee Dewdney was planned for this documentary, working title "911".
It has 4 segments, each a half hour. One of those segments was a filming of Dewdney's "Project Achilles")

Marin, California holds 9/11 Truth Convergence (Sept 11)
Toronto Hosts World Premieres of Two Films Questioning 9/11 (Sept 11)
Washington DC Presents the People's Commission on 9/11 (Sept 11)

Santa Barbara, CA holds Community Forum: 9/11 A Closer Look (Sept 11)
San Francisco evening event - 9-11: The Day the Lie Dies (Sept 11)
Los Angeles hosts 9/11 Uncensored: In LA with author Jim Marrs



Launching this Saturday, on the 3rd anniversary of 9/11, is a new
streaming radio station, 911TruthRadio.com, by Simon Aronowitz (thoughtcrimenews).

The schedule of premiere guests is still being confirmed, but an updated schedule will be
on the main page at 911TruthRadio.com
Rumour has it that Eric Hufschmid and Webster Tarpley will be one of the first guests.
Simon is also planning a voice-over-the phone streaming gig from the INN event at the Grand Ballroom, in cross promotion with breakfornews.com.

He asked for reporter volunteers of ny911truth.org. Please help out :)
Email enquiries about Saturday's webstream should be sent to 3years@911TruthRadio.com

Other expected guests for his forthcoming shows include:

Indira Singh, "whistleblower" on PTECH scandal
Paul Thompson, cooperativeresearch.org
Paul Joseph Watson, author, webmaster PrisonPlanet.com

Stanley Hilton, lawyer, representing 400 9-11 victims' families
Phil Jayhan, webmaster LetsRoll911.org
Michael Springman, former head of US visa bureau, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Ian Henshall, author, webmaster 911dossier.co.uk
Nick Kollertsrom, 9/11 researcher


American Free Press/

American Free Press promised a deep research update on AIPAC and the Cover-up of the Pentagon Douglas Feith Spy Scandal.
Chief Editor Christopher Bollyn is currently in New York, for the anniversary.


Every week, watchgroupy Angie d'Urso presents a reality check of the 9/11 Truth Activists.
This week, she focused on the anniversary events and the latest players behind the scene:
John Gray and Jimmy Walters. An excellent review of different mindsets, strategies and cat fights :):

"...Watch your back, ladies and gentlemen, there are some people with creepy
agendas in the 911 Truth Movement, movers & shakers, and people with money.
So, you say you want to help expose 911 because you think it's the crime
that will wake people in the U.S.A. up? Make them, in some vague way, rise
up against it all?.."


Bell, Cathie

Cathie Bell from ny911truth.org started to released her own newsletter fromtherabbithole


This weeks' highlight at breakfornews.com was a rare interview with Dave McGowan, yet another brilliant reality checker of the 9/11 Truth Movement, especially with his critical voice on the "peak oil scam".
Eerily, McGowan revealed,t hat two anti peak oil researchers died under odd circumstances, in the last few weeks.

Host Fintan Dunne, followed up with this topic on Friday, with Tom Mattingly (The Peak Oil Strategy & Energy Abundance")

In case, you still didn't have an info overkill from my blog, you can also listen to an interview of my alter ego, ewing2001, still up in his archives.

Brouillet, Carol

The latest actions from the SF 9/11 truth alliance, are described in the Palo Alto- paper.

Chussodowski, Michel

Chuss released a brandnew article (27 chapters!!) on 9/11 and the "War on Terrorism":

"...Millions of people have been misled regarding the causes and consequences of September 11.
When people across the US and around the World find out that Al Qaeda is not an outside enemy but a creation of US foreign policy and the CIA, the legitimacy of the bipartisan war agenda will tumble like a deck of cards." (Michel Chossudovsky, War and Globalization, The Truth behind September 11..."


Cobb, David

Besides Cynthia McKinney, Rick Stanley, John Buchanan and Craig Hill, David Cobb is the fifth person, who is running for office, and the second, who runs for President, on behalf of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Cobb represents the US Green Party. His new press release included a demand for a new 9/11 probe.



9/11 Science and Justice Alliance member Covalent, found new WTC pictures of the spire by far.
In picture 34 one can see "individual columns chopped up and falling sideways".
More WTC spire pics at Gallery Colofinder.

Duncan, Allan

Somehow, i dropped the ball on Allan Duncan new article series, focussing on alleged "terror cells" in New Jersey (for some reasons almost ignored in the 9/11 report)
I had already his drafts, but then i didn't manage to mention his official releases.

Pt. 4 is now out atOpEdNews
The entire article will be published as one document soon.


Eastman, Dick
Also, still hangin in there, Pentagon specialist Dick Eastman.
A new mirror of his research is up at bedoper.com.
Eastman's daughter just got married. Congratulations! :)

Grossmann, Dr. Stephan

Stephan Grossman's new DVD "Osama is innocent" is now also followed with a new science draft, called "9-11 SCIENCE REPORT" including the WTC FIRE TEMPERATURE REPORT.
Soon up on his website at Gallerize.com.

Hicks, Sander

This week, Outreach director Sander Hicks, left INN World Report, to launch his own project, VOXPOP. At GNN, he covered this week's 9/11 truth anniversary events, but forgot to drop a line about INN Report. One more reason, to block his last check, LOL :)

Hijacking Catastrophe

This new independent neocon documentary attracts slowly attention.
On Thursday, it was shown at the Friends Center in Philadelphia.
"Hijacking Catastrophe" was directed by Jeremy Earp and Sut Jhall.
It exposes "how a handful of conservative extremists used the trauma of the 9/11 attacks to advance their foreign policy agenda while rolling back civil liberties and social programs at home". Unfortunately, the doku didn't reach the next conclusion, but it's a good starter.

Hurter, Adam

Almost, since 3 years, Adam Hurter is working on his 9/11 documentary, together with Mike Berger and John Gannon. He seems to be frustrated, the last time, i met him.
The doku is to be expected in 2006/07, under martial law :)

Kaminski, John

Though often criticised for his ethical conclusions, John Kaminski's essays are helpful warning signs for the american society. This week, Kaminski released his latest pamphlet, "The biggest problem with the world is Americans". Scary and emotional.

Lewi, Frank

This week, veteran researcher Frank Levi, who also recently hooked up in a mini research team with ewing2001, woodybox and Brad M., released a draft of his new article.
However, he's still working on a revised version. Maybe up in the next few hours at the-movement.com/, titled "Plane Swap: Part 1, Flight 11 Goes the Wrong Direction" (see also "woodybox")

Mariani, Ellen

In time for the anniversary, 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, is back in the news.
Hartford Advocate reported about Mariani and her attorney, who held a new press conference on the steps of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania "to announce her own startling conclusions".


McKinney, Cytnthia

From her Opening Statement "The Omission Hearings" (September 9, 2004 New York City, NY):

"...Thank you 9-11 Truth for having this important hearing.
Thank you Commissioner Khan and Commissioner McIlvaine for agreeing to serve with me on this very important Commission.
I would also like to mention another Commissioner who couldn't be with us today, but whose commitment we all know, Catherine Austin Fitts.

Today is just the beginning. Your support can ensure that we follow up with more of these hearings to flesh out all the remaining questions that experts and family members know have not been fully addressed by the official 9-11 Commission or the Bush Administration.
Of course, please forgive me, but I cannot be in the City of New York and not say "Thank you, New York City." But this time, not just for supporting me, but also for not being bamboozled into submission by questionable insider backroom characters who want to take away our freedoms, send our children off to war, and rip to shreds the social safety net for the American people..."

Moyers, Bill

Though Moyers' father has a controversial past (Chairman of General Motors Acceptance
Corporation, a Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan holding), Bill tries to keep close with some 9/11 researchers. This week, he interviewed the Jersey Girls.

Muhamed, Richard

One of the latest outlets, who covered the Zogby 9/11 Poll, is NCM online.
So far, NY POST, WP or FOX tried to discredit the results.


This website wasn't familiar for me yet.
Seems to focus on israel related topics of 9/11 research and has a graphic of 9/11 Seismic Records. The website circulated this week in some websites, though it apparently wasn't updated since April 2004. Nogw.com was created in October 2002, by James Quilter, in Orangevale, California

Roufberg. Adam

I met Adam Roufberg this week. He runs thefourreasons.org (911skeptics reported) and
I had no real chance to check it out, therefore please come to your own conclusion.
He's a supporter of summeroftruth.org and the OmmissionReport and seems to focus on Iraq and other US related neo colonialism politics.


Salter, Brian

Brian Salter of questionsquestions.net, released a new series of critical articles, which examine the video footage, that was used in the Dave v. Kleist video.
His three parts are up at:

Analysis of Flight 175 "Pod" and related claims

Webfairy's Reign of Error

The WTC "Mystery Explosion" Video Hoax

Scheer Brothers

Though slightly pushing the limited hangout version of 9/11, it's refreshing to see some of these "unanswered" questions in LA Times. Reason enough, to invite them for our INN Report event on Sep11th. (Warning: Soon, i predict, that the definition of "unanswered questions" will become a red herring. One example: Why did WTC 7 collapse, "which wasn't even hit by any plane", is a trap! Check your wordings in your leaflets!!
I'm sure, AngieOn911.com will bring this better to the point.)

Here is an excerpt of the latest article by Christopher and Robert Scheer

"...The Five Unanswered Questions About 9/11

Why was Osama bin Laden's Saudi family whisked out of the country immediately after 9/11, while our nation's commercial fleet was grounded?
Why was Iraq the immediate focus of the U.S. National Security team, rather than Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, both nations with documented ties to Al Qaeda and the Taliban?
Why did our president try to block a bipartisan commission to investigate the tragedy?
Why don't we know more about the administration's stance toward anti-American terror in the months before 9/11, and why was so little done in response to the bloody attack the previous year on the USS Cole?

Why is so little known about the hijackers, including who trained and financed them?..."


Scott, Peter Dale

Also, back in the race, a brandnew article by Peter Dale Scott: "How to fight terrorism":

"...The 9/11 Commission Report has been called "the must-read book of this summer" for Americans. It has also been called a "whitewash" and the "Omission Report." I agree that the book is important, well-written, and worthy of the most serious attention. I also agree that it has serious omissions.
It is clear that the 9/11 Commission Report will frame the debate on security discussions. It supplies a solid beginning, above all by defusing allegations that either Iraq or Iran were behind, or even aware of, the 9/11 attacks. (The public may not appreciate the extent to which administration hawks like Donald Rumsfeld and Douglas Feith have sought to link al Qaeda's attack to both countries, beginning in 2001...)"

Tarpley, Webster

Webster Tarpley will be one of the last-minute guests of the Grand Ballroom event from INN, in New York.
This week, he has recorded two hours with host Eben Ray of the "Radio Alchymy" show about his forthcoming book "911 Synthetic Terror - Myth of the 21st Century".
It was broadcasted on KPFK in Los Angeles on Thursday morning on kpfk.org.

v.Kleist, Dave

Still on his promo tour for "in Plane site", Dave v. Kleist.
This week, he was at WING TV and Radio 4 All


Watson, Paul Joseph

Paul Joseph Watson (Propagandamatrix) and Alex Jones released new "evidence" at Prison Planet:

"...Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11
For almost three years since 9/11 independent researchers have stockpiled individual smoking guns which prove that the official version of events was not only a lie but operationally impossible.
However, no single smoking gun has yet been forwarded to explain why air defenses categorically reversed Standard Operating Procedure and failed to respond to hijacked jetliners.

Until now. More and more individuals are looking at the facts and highlighting exercise drills that took place on the morning of 9/11.
It is clear that at least five if not six training exercises were in operation in the days leading up to and on the morning of 9/11. This meant that NORAD radar screens showed as many as 22 hijacked airliners at the same time. NORAD had been briefed that this was part of the exercise drill and therefore normal reactive procedure was forestalled and delayed..."

Also, up this week at PrisonPlanet, apparently new identified explosions in the North Tower:

"..Watch carefully and play back again and again. As Flight 175 hits the South Tower (the diversionary blast), bombs go off in the North Tower. Keep your eye on near the top right of the tower and then bottom right in the frame. Any alternative explanations are welcome..."



Still unidentified, though intense research point on London, as his homebase; his "pentagon121.swf" comes around worldwide.
According to my research, a british disasters aviation forum premiered it first on August 28th, before it got powerforwarded since Aug 30/31.
A must for the harddrive, with a chilling soundtrack.

Here are all latest mirrors:


W- if you read this, please write me.
Even if you're working for the MI5 :)


Also, Cologne 9/11 Researcher WoodyBox finished in time, his forth article, "How to steal an airliner and fake a hijacking". World Premiere at my staff portal.

that's it for this week.
To speak with "Attorney's" words:

homepage: homepage: http://inn.globalfreepress.com/modules/news/index.php?storytopic=4&storynum=30