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The Daily Poetry Movement

Media Silence caused genocide. Indymedia stops the silence! Please read the poem of East Timors resistance fighter and reflect. We paid for the guns that killed the the children, grandmas, raped the babies, atrocities bleeding silenced forever. Wall Street had a record year.
On the anniversary of 9-11 I feel it is imperative to talk about media and roles they play in the complicity of human rights abuses, and the imperialistic genocide that America has met out in every region of the globe in the past 40 years. Media has above all been the culprit culminating in power structures more ominous than ever before proceed in all of human experience. The list of mass murdering goons that were put into power by American Corporations and Government would be nearly every name on the list of brutal dictators and killers. The American people can be said to have not been complicit by virtue of knowing nearly nothing of the fates of these countries due to a purposeful media silence. When the media is a project of Pac Bell corporations, now solidified again, (a monopoly worse than ever) what can we really expect of our media?

I cry out, We can expect everything if it is Indymedia, the people's media. Turn off the terror machine, step away from the lies and start downloading Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and other groups who want more than lies but want world peace and maybe, just, maybe to stop GE (NBC), Bechtel, Fox News, Bush etc.

Where do you get your news? As we approach an epic war you can ask yourself did you fuel them? Did you salute them, did you pay for their lies????

Xanana Gusmao is an East Timorese resistance leader, a soldier, and is considered as one of the greatest man in the epic struggle of East Timor. He was captured in 1992 by the Indonesian government and was tried and sentenced to life in prison. Gusmao led the Timorese armed resistance in the mounains of East Timor for two decades before his capture evading tens of thousands of Indonesian soldiers armed with the latest of western weapons. Apart from being a leader in prison, Xanana Gusmao goes down in the history book as the first ever political prisoner to meet the head of a foreign state, namely the Noble laureate Nelson Mandela of South Africa. The meeting took place in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, at the presidential palace -- The "Freedom" Palace.

Here is his poem:

A Fighter Who Fell

High on the mountain peaks of Timor
The grass grows
And warms the fractured bones
Of a fighter that fell

Down on the grassy plains of Timor
A flower shows
And beautifies the bones
Of a fighter who fell

This is the hopeful life that grows
From life's release
The life that every woman knows
Who calls for peace
With every waking breath
But not the peace of death

Throughout the plains and peaks of Timor
The life blood flows
And animates the bones
Of the fighter who fell
--Xanana Gusmao

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