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"Pier 57 comment"

Well- this probably ought to be a comment on the last "pier 57" posting
But I wanted to throw in a jab at some local "conservatives" while I was at it.

No, The RNC did not Buy and Pay for Pier 57.

Obviously, Allies of the Bush Campaign (this means you Mr. bloomberg) had a hand in setting the policy of false arrest and extended detention of just about anyone in Midtown Manhattan last week. However:

You and I and all the taxpaying citizens of New York paid for it. I would like to ask the frowny-face delegates of the RNC. "Why do YOU hate America?" Apparently they really do hate our freedom.

You know, I almost feel sorry for them- I cant imagine what it's like to live in constant fear of ones own fellow countrymen. It reminds me of how Lars Larson occasionally puts out some "why I have a gun" editorial here in Portland. Some folks have firearms as a surrogate penis, but I think Lars and others are honestly very fearful of the world and people around them. We can laugh at them but it's not nice becuase it's really a mental illness.

fines 11.Sep.2004 00:01


Well, NYC will pay big time for the illegal roundups, confinements, toxin contaminations, and failure to process arrestees in due time. With the assault weapon time frame fast approaching, it looks like the country will be armed to the "teeth." What a fine attribute, guns and no jobs. Bring it on America, bring us your guns, your pesticides & grimy air. Cut our trees, whatever! Let's make the Bushites gloat with their money! Other countries dislike us, I wonder why. geez.