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Green Party/Cobb Ballot Problems in Utah

The first 2004 Utah State Convention coendorsed Cobb & Nader , but placed neither on the ballot. The Cobb faction decided to hold a second 2004 state convention in an effort to place Cobb on the ballot.

This article and others are on the utah states link from the gp.org web site. The authors are, unwittingly i suspect, revealing numbers and the sleazy tactics used by a small number of "active" greens to control the "party".

Another article reveals that less than 20 Greens attended the 1st state convention. In my home state 17 greens attended the state convention and there were reports of "living room" conventions in other states. Peter Camejo noted that the GP website did not include state convention attendance figrues because it would expose the scam.

This small group of active Utah Greens don't give a damn about representintg the interests of 29,000
Nader2000 Utah voters or the 812 registered Greens in Utah. They view the "party", if you can call it that,
as their personal organizaton and to hell with those who disagree with them.

Based on the utah article, its easy to see how shyster David Cobb and a small goroup of "active greens" were able to rigg the national convention.
Below are links to some perspectives and documents available as a matter of public record.

With 33 out of the total of 48 Green Party of Utah members participating, a recent statewide convention has confirmed that the Green Party of Utah supports the candidate chosen at the GPUS National Convention being put on the GPU Presidential Ballot line.

However, due to the fact that our Former State Liaison is one of a faction made up of 6 individuals recognized by the records of the GPU Secretary as Members of the GPU, we have come to a most unfortunate position as a party. The position of State Liaison is recognized by the Utah Elections Office as the only person with whom the Elections Office will communicate officially with on behalf of the party.

Currently, having had a Statewide Convention, ending on August 30, 2004, involving 33 of the 48 members of our nascent political party, and having had the State Elections Office refuse to recognize the results of our convention by accepting our legitimate designation (in conformance with Utah Election Law) of a new State Liaison, we are engaged in litigation to force the Elections Office to recognize our having designated a new State Liaison to replace the one that is part of a small minority faction intent on keeping Cobb/LaMarche off of our ballot by any means. This small group of only 6 legitimate members of our party has as of now succeeded in hijacking the GPU Ballot Line, and keeping the state from putting Cobb on our ballot. This will remain the case until such time as a court rules in favor of the majority of the council and more importantly, the membership of the GPU.

Also, if you are motivated to help with our mounting legal costs, use this link and find two ways to help.

Below you will find a number of links to pages that shed light on the current situation with the Green Party of Utah. This page is under construction so keep checking back to see what has been added as time is available.

Call to Statewide Convention - August 2004 to recall Jerry Parsons, and verify the memberships support for putting Cobb/LaMarche on our ballot line.
Results of the August 2004 Statewide Convention
Letter of Complaint from GPU Secretary
Official Grievance against the "Utah Six" who refuse to support Grassroots Democracy in action!
Opinions on August 22nd Council Meeting
Reasons for Recall of Jerry Parsons from his roles of Co-Coordinator and State Liaison
What's going on? 20.Sep.2004 18:18

Brian Setzler

I read the article and it appears anti-Cobb people have pulled shinanigans to keep Cobb / LaMarche off the ballot.

Cobb / LaMarche are the Green Party candidates. They were nominated at a convention that was fair despite the spin from anti-Cobb forces.

I guess I don't understand the Utah Greens. They endorse Cobb and Nader. Nader isn't a Green so he qualified in Utah as an independent. Utah Greens then fail to use their ballot line for the party's national candidate thereby running no one?

Nader isn't a Green and didn't seek our nomination. Now we have a small group that constantly bash David Cobb, a dedicated Green activist, because we didn't have the wisdom to bow down to Nader.