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Sean MacComb To Plead "GUILTY"

Sean Austin MacComb, 26, scheduled to enter a guilty plea today in court for animal abuse.
According to Multnomah County District Attorney's Office, Sean Austin MacComb has a 3:15 court date today and is expected to enter a plea of "guilty" to animal abuse charges.
On June 27-2004 MacComb was accused of DUI and of dragging his two companion dogs,Kuma and Smokey, behind his vehicle for approximately 411 feet after they were no longer able to keep up with the speed of the car.
Kuma and Smokey were placed in the care of Multnomah County Animal Control and later were released to Oregon Human Society where they await adoption.
MacComb could be sentenced today or he may ask to be sentenced at a later date.
And he is as guilty as sin 10.Sep.2004 16:44


Thanks for the heads up CAPPIE and please let us know as soon as you find out anything more but until then I will keep my fingers crossed that the judge hangs him by his thumbs.

MacComb Gets To Keep His Balls 10.Sep.2004 17:51


Just got off the phone with the District Attorney's Office and as expected MacComb entered a plea of "GUILTY" to Animal Abuse I.
Judge Grove - who is not a Multnomah County Judge but seems to have a rather good grasp of the situation - sentenced MacComb to the following:
Must attend alcohol evaluation and treatment ..... he is currently enrolled in a treatment program -
Must perform 40 hours of Community Service ..... personally I would like to see that time served at Dove Lewis Emergency Hospital where Kuma and Smokey were taken after being drug behind his car for 411 feet -
Will serve 36 months on formal probation ..... name of the probation officer is not yet known -
Will have to serve 10 days in jail ..... they said he has already served 1 or 2 days of that time -
Will have to pay some court costs ..... I do not recall the exact amount but it was nothing grand -
And last but not least ..... he is not allowed to posses any animals for five years ..... this does not mean just "own" - god I hate that term - but he cannot reside in a household where animals live.
Okay - so maybe this is not as harsh as some of us had hoped for - my own personal fantasy was to have his balls delivered to the AR community on a silver platter - but it is better than merely getting off with a token fine and a slap on the wrist.
Let this be a warning to other animal abusers out there ..... you can run but you cannot hide we are watching you and we are everywhere.

just wanted to know 10.Sep.2004 19:57

curious george

hey cappie,just curious,does your warning also include the researchers at ohsu who abuse animals in the name of science?

CAPPIE YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! 11.Sep.2004 01:21


THANK YOU CAPPIE!!!!! My God, Is it just me or has there been a lot of animal abuse going on in Oregon. I mean besides the fur farms, the factory farms, the Oregon Primate Research Center, trapping, hunting, the Circuses etc. there seems to be more people doing crazy shit. Like dragging dogs behind cars, throwing kittens out car windows, leaving horses locked up in a dark hot barn with no food or water and I'm sure there's more. I realize abuse goes on all the time, I guess we are just lucky to even hear about it. Keep you eyes and ears open, and when you see animal abuse, report it on Portland Indymedia and www.pet-abuse.com
so we can let people (like the sicko's below) know that animal abuse will not not be tolerated. WE ARE WATCHING!!!!!!!
Susan Matlock
Susan Matlock

Here's Another SiCkO 11.Sep.2004 01:40


You wouldn't guess this guy was in his early 20's......he looks creepy, but jail pictures make most people look creepy.
Sean MacComb
Sean MacComb

Does It Ever End? 11.Sep.2004 07:31


Curious George - The statement most definitely applies to OHSU researchers - in fact they are on the top of our list. They are far worse than the Sean MacComb's of the world - they actually receive pay checks for inflicting pain-fear and death to innocent animals.
Beagle - I want to thank you too for your excellent coverage-pics and updates regarding the horse abuse case in Banks. It does seem as though there has been a recent surge in animal cruelty cases - not just locally but across the country. Perhaps the incidents are no more frequent but they are being reported more often because people are beginning to see them for what they really are .... a CRIME! It is the nature of man to destoy that which he cannot dominate-comprehend or exploit.
If you can stand just one more ..... we are trying to make connection with individuals/groups located in the Reno area. My contacts in England have recently informed me that the infamous dog trainer - Stephen Barry King - has fled their country and has returned to the states. King left the Portland area several years ago - moving to England where he was charged and found guilty of several counts of animal cruelty. While in the Portland area he was regularly assused of abusing dogs during his "training" sessions. For more details check out the Willamette Week article "See Spot Hang" listed on the ARKONLINE web site. Stephen King is pure pond scum and must be stopped from harming any more animals - if you have contacts in Reno please post them and let them know that he may be working their area.

Oregon abuse laws 11.Sep.2004 08:35


Yes, thank you beagle.

Isn't animal cruelty a felony in Oregon yet?

There do seem to be more abuse cases all the time. Hopefully it is
just because they are getting reported.
America has become this BULLY society from the "top" down.
Lack of respect for one another is rampant and that follows
through to animals also.
I met an asshole yesterday who dumped his beautiful greyhound
at a shelter because he was peeing in his apartment. I asked
if he had bothered working with him...Excuses..duh..
This piece of human crap DOES have the time to work on his
11 tricked out cars though. He works for a local restaurant
supply company that will harrass you in a subtle way if you
don't buy from them..BULLY!

Well hopefully the greyhound found a new home where
someone actually will love him.

Ever wander though the Pearl-Most all the dogs are pedigreed.
Objects, simply accessories.

Not much of a solution 11.Sep.2004 16:09


...to the prison industrial system and capital punishment. Lock 'em up and torture them? Not very HUMANE to someone that has obvious psychological problems. This dude is sick, needs treatment, and should never be allowed near animals. BUT, torturing a two legged animal ("hanging by thumbs", long prison term sentences, dismembering genitalia) isn't that much different than torturing a four legged animal. I think if someone were to recommend any of these punishments be dealt to a non-human animal, y'all would be really upset. I realize you may just be venting frustration, but that's a living thing just like those animals, and if you are ready to make value judgments about who "deserves" punishment, then I believe you've lost all credibility.

Duh - Don't you Get It? 11.Sep.2004 18:54


Sorry Score but think you are over reacting. I can only speak for myself but as I stated that was "my personal fantasy." Get it FANTASY not reality. If I acted on that then my fantasy would become my reality and I would then have to seek out a new fantasy. People say things in anger and frustration so you need to cut them some slack. Many of us have dealt with too many Sean MacCombs-Sherry Metcalfs-Stephen Kings-Daniel Kollers DVM-Joe Hickeys-David Stephens-Martha Neuringers-Judy Camrons and other such despicable human waste for too many years with too little results. Laws are not written for the animals - they are written to serve man and his selfish desires - and the few laws that we do have on the books pertaining to animals are too often not enforced. So please - let me have my fantasies and rest asuured that no physical harm will come to Sean or his little balls. Hey - can we at least bring back public flogging. Nah - that's another fantasy for another time ......

Agree Completely 12.Sep.2004 06:55


i love it cappie!