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I was sitting outside the class.
I had a dream and in it a dream i had and was bush it in it had dream had a i had a was i bush was a dream was bush it was in it had a dream and it had bush was bush and it was it had bush and i had bush and it had bush was a dream. He said war we war go must we go we said he said war we said he go must go must we go he said we war to he said we to he war must war must go he said. The people were people crying were bombs dropped as crying were people as dropped bombs and planes dropped people dying and bombs crying dropped people death around all was around death was all and in it a dream was must war said bush was people dying crying bombs war must go to bombs must drop people and bush and drop bush bombs crying people to war go we must. Cold sweat I woke was must war said i awoke in was awake was i awake I wonder awake I am?
that's one terrible pilot 10.Sep.2004 15:49


That's one terrible pilot, er, heh heh. Uuuhhh, yeah. I used to fly myself, and so I could tell, that was one terrible pilot. Mmm hmm. I was outside the class. And, uh. I, uh you know, uh. Hmm. Uh, the television was, er, you know, uh obviously on, and uh. Hmm. Uh I saw an airplane hit the tower. And uh you might not know this, but I used to fly myself, so when I uh saw the airplane hit the uh tower, er, based on my flying experience, uh, I determined that that was one terrible pilot. Hah! It's a joke. Umm, I know, those people are all dead and uh, er, hmm. It's all one big, uh, joke. And, uh, there are those who uh would try to attack us there. Er, uh... Hmm, er, bring em on. Uh yeah. You know; bring em on, right?


hey! 10.Sep.2004 16:34

one terrible pilot

A plane crashing into the World Trade Center is no reason to cancel a photo-op. If Bush had canceled that photo-op the terrorists would have already won.

hyuk hyuk! 10.Sep.2004 16:42


uh huh huh, huh huh huh!

BTW 10.Sep.2004 16:47


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