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uh got syndication yet?
what are the chances of you getting syndication up and running?
huh? 10.Sep.2004 13:58


who are you talking to? and syndication of what?

perhaps you would be interested in testing? 10.Sep.2004 14:22


Last I checked the feeds are up but they had some errors. We were hoping to address them before the RNC but it didn't happen. The current plan is to have 3 feeds per category and 3 for the main site.

For example, if you wanted just the dnc-rnc coverage:


The lite version contains the summary only; the full version contains the full article, to be used to syndicate full text articles to other sites; and the features is the full text of the feature. Perhaps if there are people interested to test we can put in a work session this weekend to clear up any remaining bugs.