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NYC Demonstrator Prison Bought and Paid For by RNC

It now has come to light the Republican National Committee - NOT the City of New York - leased the Pier 57 facility and arranged for its use as a prison for peaceful demonstrators unlawfully rounded up by police. The parents of one illegally detained demonstrator made the discovery after checking with the NYPD to find out who was managing Pier 57, and was told the Certificate of Occupancy and Fire Safety Inspection Certificate were issued to the Republican National Committee.
This raises ALL SORTS of issues, not the least of which is how a privately funded political organization could be allowed to CREATE a prison(!) and somehow arrange to have it filled with its law abiding political foes. This is a lot MORE than reminiscent of Nazi Germany!

In addition to the obvious Constitutional questions being raised by attorneys for those illegally arrested and detained, a full-blown investigation is called for to determine:

1. The RNC's role in directing or setting quotas for the mass arrests,

2. The complicity of New York City officials in such an illegal conspiracy or scheme,

3. How the City of New York could legally issue, to a private group, a Certificate of Occupancy and Safety Inspection Certificate to operate a private prison intended to hold its political adversaries, on premises posted with signs officially declaring it dangerously contaminated and barring entry without protective gear,

4. How the City defends its actions - not only in the illegal mass arrests it conducted - but in imprisoning the detainees for days in a facility the City itself had declared as contaminated and dangerous to human health.

Further details in original post:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/09/297083.shtml

Don't let this die, folks. Send to all news organizations and mail lists. There's no hope the Bush/Ashcroft Justice Department will properly "investigate" this - the only hope is public exposure.
uhm 10.Sep.2004 15:09


do you have proof? meaning, in writing -- and not one of the "letters" that have been posted everywhere -- i'd like to quote this on my site, but i have a hard time believing it without some hard evidence.

btw 10.Sep.2004 15:28


i already looked on the NY indy media site and saw the original post there...its most likely fraudulent as the original post on the Maui News site ( http://www.mauinews.com/story.aspx?id=1082) doesn't have the "letter" included. that would be big news wouldn't it and a fact you'd want to include? well, its not on there anywhere which makes me doubt the validity of the NY indy media "add-on".

don't get me wrong, holding the protestors in that warehouse was fucked-up. but pointing to the wrong culprit doesn't help anyone. if anything, the city of New York needs to be held accountable.

iggi the dumb low paid low intelligence fascist Bush troll 10.Sep.2004 16:57

bite me iggi

Iggi can type up a storm and get paid by the word---though has seldom has time to read anything. ;-)

A simple quote:

My husband called the NYPD to ask who had issued a Certificate of Occupancy or Fire Safety Inspection Certificate and who was managing Pier 57. He was given the number for the Republican National Committee. Yes. My husband and I looked at each other in silent, cold horror. In America?

My husband slowly dialed that number, got the RNC, and the Republican rep who answered the phone said, in answer to my husbands' inquiries about safety: "those protesters don't deserve a Holiday Inn, and they're all criminals anyway!"


If anyone would like a laugh: see troll action at Bluelemur.com story on Bush 10.Sep.2004 17:03

iggi watch

If anyone would like a laugh of iggi-type endless dodging, for laughs, read hilarous nondescript incessantly changing strategies in 'comments' on this open wire post about Bush lying and wearing fake medals and ribbons he never earned.

Every trick in the book is used by trools on this one, and as each troll idea is slammed as a misrepresentation, they keep going on and on. However, they have an indefatigable editor as well. I saved the page as a great example of this type of conflict of lesser trolls and greater stories:

check it out:

Bush photographed wearing Air Force award he never earned