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Protest The Jailing Of Gina Lynn On Sept.17th


WHEN: Friday, September 17; 11:30am
WHERE: 700 Stewart St., Seattle, WA

On Thursday (8/26), a federal grand jury presently convened in Seattle
sent yet another political dissident to jail. This time, the dissident,
and now federal prisoner, is Gina Lynn, a long-time animal activist
Southern California. Gina was jailed on contempt charges after refusing
answer questions based on her constitutional rights under the First and
Fifth Amendments.

Members of the Seattle-based grand jury exhibited a shocking lack of
understanding of the importance of these constitutionally protected
rights. One juror even went so far as to challenge Gina to explain her
reasoning for refusing to answer on the basis of the First Amendment.
quietly explained how the First Amendment protects free speech and
as well as freedom of association, but the thick-headed juror simply
responded that Gina is "completely misinformed."

States Gina, "It has never been my intention to cooperate with this
political witch hunt, and I remain firm in my principled resistance to
these secretive probes. Their aim is to disrupt and destroy political
movements such as ours. I will not be a willing participant." Gina also
issued a statement from Jail September 3rd.

Since being jailed for exercising her constitutionally-protected
Gina has been refusing food in protest. Please join her in taking a
for the civil liberties of all activists.

The Grand Jury system, long since abolished in most democratic nations,
denies an individual her most fundamental of civil rights and poses a
grave threat to the constitutional rights of every American. The Grand
Jury is the antithesis of all that is democratic and has no place in a
free society.

Within Grand Jury proceedings, an individual is not allowed the
of legal counsel and cannot invoke Fifth Amendment privilege to
self-incrimination. Those previously appearing before this Federal
Jury have even been jailed for asserting their First Amendment
constitutional rights.

For more information on Gina's case and how YOU can help please visit:


or email:

Animal Control, not Animal Rights 13.Sep.2004 05:35

Gordon S. Creek

The Animal Control freaks, such as Gina, have little to no interest in animal rights. Their goal is control. PETA's goal is money, control and power. For example, prior to these Animal Control groups, the Rooster Gaming (cock fighting) was a multi billion dollar industry that that supported many families and it supported millions of chickens.

Now, roosters that used to be kept for gaming, are killed at birth.
Look at the roosters options:
1. Chicken meat industry, roosters are butchered at 4 months of age.
2. Egg industry roosters are killed at birth.
3. Breeding males are kept until they are two years of age, then
sold for soup.

When cockfighting was legal, called Rooster gaming by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson whom were expert rooster gamers, the roosters
best option in life was allowed.
A game rooster is fed the best foods, given endurance training and
then at the age of 2 years, they are put in the ring for fighting.
If the rooster wins ten fights, the rooster is put into their own
outdoor yard with 8 hens and allowed to live until it dies, typically 8 to 13 years. Because the rooster was a winner, other game fowl enthusiasts want to purchase the winners chicks.

If the rooster loses and dies, they are eatten for dinner, but the rooster would have been eatten 1 year and 8 months earlier in the best

If the rooster fights and loses, many game fowl enthusiasts have found that roosters that lose once and get stabbed with the gaff (knife),
become the best fighters ever. They retrain them for 6 months and
give them another option.

The game fowl industry in the USA, prior to PETA and other Animal CONTROL groups, fed tens of thousands of families and gave these people jobs and above all it gave the roosters pride, life, and greatness.

The PETA groups and people like Gina, are evil people that only have their own agenda and their own personal needs on their mind. Gina is a sick and evil person, only thinking about herself and she has no heart for animals.