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"BUSKERS4CHANGE" street festival seeks street buskers and entertainers

"BUSKERS4CHANGE" still seeking street buskers and performers for BELLINGHAM WA.
for OCTOBER 1st.
WHAT: "BUSKERS4CHANGE" an exciting street festival this Fall.
WHEN: Friday Night October the 1st, 6 till 9pm
CONTACT:  buskers4change@hotmail.com

Come to "Buskers 4 Change" an exciting and vibrant street festival this October !

- Come meet local political candidates
- See and hear diverse and entertaining street performers
- Enjoy the "Downtown Gallery Walk"
- Last day to register to vote (and we'll show you how easy it is)
- Come on down to the Pickford Theatre to watch: "You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train" a new documentary featuring noted author Howard Zinn.

NOTE: We still need more jugglers, stilt walkers, artists, musicians, mimes, human statues, poets, and other talented people ! What can you do ?

*** NOTE: this is a "family" event. "Clean" acts only please. ***

Please E MAIL your skills, talents, and questions to :  buskers4change@hotmail.com
THIS FAIR DOES NOT PAY just so you know 11.Sep.2004 07:33

kirsten anderberg aka Mother Zosima kirstena@resist.ca

I feel this ad is deceiving and want to spare buskers from wasting time. This fair is apparently asking for buskers to come play FOR FREE for them! So know that! Yes, you can collect donations but that is assumed at a busker fair. I am sick of places that have money using street performers for FREE entertainment...fairs should at least pay travel costs for decent performers. This fair does little to nothing for the busker, just so that is clear. I notice they left the fact they are not paying out of their ad and I feel that was deceptive.

the ad is good and NOT misleading ! 13.Sep.2004 14:35


duh duh ! the ad is not deceiving at all. you always busk for free ! there is no such thing as getting money "beforehand" if you are doing that you are not a busker, you are a professional musician !So asking for money beforehand is not bsuking Kirsten !