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9.11 investigation

September 11 victims - The Unaccounted Victims of 9/11

Amongst the September 11 victims, a lot are ignored to any commemoration.

September 11th, 2001, is an infamous historical date on many aspects

the innocent victims 9/11 made certainly being the most dramatical one

Amongst the September 11 victims, a lot are however ignored to any commemoration

Shocking ? Sure it is. That's thought a sad reality in the shadow of the September 11 aftermath.
If you feel ready to read some untold truth about the victims of September 11th, then please follow this link:

September 11 Victims - The Unaccounted Victims of 9/11

else just ignore this message.

homepage: homepage: http://amigaphil.planetinternet.be/september11.html

hurted? 10.Sep.2004 12:55

i'm sorry, but...

hurted? perhaps you meant hurt?

sorry, stuff like that just drives me crazy.

corrected 10.Sep.2004 21:24


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