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9.11 investigation


Use freely and enjoy!
I love Indy! 10.Sep.2004 09:02


This is just perfect. I have sent it to everyone I know and will keep it on the desktop for future reference. Thank you for posting the perfect image of mr. terror.

Assuming there is a choice 10.Sep.2004 09:25


That's assuming there is a choice.
Martial Law before November 2...is tyranny...but perhaps even more probable.

Why would they instill martial law? 10.Sep.2004 11:07


It's just a good cop / bad cop routine. The parties will win with out martial law, that remark was just cheney preaching to the choir while also scaring you into voting for Kerry. Either way big buisness and empire wins.

Add something 10.Sep.2004 15:55

Vern next door

You forgot to paint in the little Hitler mustasche.

dont say that 11.Sep.2004 12:58


I wish people would stop compating people to hitler. Bush is horrible, and he has done terrible things, but dont equate our world today with the holocaust. sorry, its completely different.

The only thing that is different! 11.Sep.2004 13:50


Is the fact that you can not see that the same thing is being done today as before.

The problem is that you do not want to belive that your country is as bad as others in history.

This is why the wars continue, on and on and on.

Until the society learns from the past, it will continue to replay like a broken record.

Read between the lines, see the forest for the trees.

Learn from the past!

I belive you mean! 11.Sep.2004 13:52

They will do it again!

And again, until they get what they want.