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Portland Vigil

Taken this evening at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
View of the crowd.
View of the crowd.
Even statues participate.
Even statues participate.
Another view.
Another view.
Photos from this evening's vigil

address: address: Portland

Thanks for the photos! 09.Sep.2004 23:58

in th' crowd

Did anybody who was there see any corporate media covering this event? Did anyone see more than 3 cops? It seems that the corporate media follow the cops, not the people!

can anyone write a short description of the event 10.Sep.2004 00:47

indy volunteer

That way this story can be featured.

more photos 10.Sep.2004 04:27

andrea pdx

Several hundred people appeared at 8pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square to share a somber hour of subdued intermittent conversation and to share in a community of concern for the thousands of deaths in Iraq.
Bush lied and thousands died. A year and a half from now, will we again gather to observe the 2000th American death?
A Thousand Died
A Thousand Died

SE Belmont vigil 10.Sep.2004 07:14


There were also about 90-100 people gathered at 33rd & SE Belmont.

belmont 10.Sep.2004 08:01


On Belmont, there were smatterings of conversation, lots of distractions. We occupied all 4 corners of the intersection. After 30 minutes or so, some of us began to sing, which brought some unity to the gathering. Then after about an hour, most of us walked up to the sunflower intersection (CIty Repair, thanks!) at 33rd and Yamhill and made a big circle in the intersection; many put their candles in the middle. It was very moving. I hope someone posts photos.

Vancouver 10.Sep.2004 09:08

Den Mark, Vancouver

Dozens came to St Luke's Episcopal Parish in Vancouver. We were close to a major street, & cars slowed. Additional to the candles we held, lit candles filled a table at the center of our circle. We were silent in the candlelight, except for the tolling of the bell in the tower every five minutes. As John Donne said, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."

touching to honor fallen US stormtroopers, but... 11.Sep.2004 01:45


While America mourns more than 1,000 American dead in the Iraq campaign, the Iraqi toll is far greater. No official, reliable figures exist for the whole country, but private estimates range from 10,000 to 30,000 killed since March 2003.

At Sheik Omar Clinic in Baghdad, a big book shows 10,363 violent deaths in Baghdad and nearby towns since the war began last year, deaths caused by car bombs, clashes between Iraqis and coalition forces, mortar attacks, revenge killings and robberies.

The violent deaths recorded in the leather ledger at the Sheik Omar Clinic come from only one of Iraq's 18 provinces and do not cover deaths in such flashpoint cities as Najaf, Karbala, Fallujah, Tikrit and Ramadi.

Iraqi dead include not only insurgents, police officers and soldiers but also civilians caught in crossfire or blown apart by explosives. They also include victims of crime, which has surged in the instability that followed the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime.

McMinnville Vigil 11.Sep.2004 20:48


In McMinnville there was a gathering of 60+ people. With the exception of one pro-death idiot passersby were uniformly supportive (or quiet.)

Vigil in the Midwest 12.Sep.2004 06:04


My wife and I are visiting her parents in Sedalia, MO(population 20,339). I organized a vigil here in MO. We were the only two who showed up. We held the vigil in front of the courthouse which has an eternal flame burning for soldiers killed in combat of all wars. It was very meaningful to us. We had a few people drive by and wave. I left a few signs around the eternal flame so that folks going to work in the morning would see them and hopefully stop to think about how screwed up the war is.
I can't wait until we are back in Portland where there are more people who get involved and pay attention to what is going on.