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Eugene Vigil

...1001 US Soldiers ~ 12798 Iraqi Civilians
can anyone write a short description of the event 10.Sep.2004 00:47

indy volunteer

That way this story can be featured.

Silent Mourn 10.Sep.2004 08:00

peace rebel girl

The calm late Summer night brought out perhaps 200 people to stand in silent solidarity to mourn the senseless deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, a vigil to mark that the death toll has reached 1000 this week. Let us not forget the tragic murder of nearly 13,000 innocent Iraqis, who are caught in a, as a few signs read, *quagmire*.

Many observed strict silence while pockets of others chatted about things totally unrelated to what brought us together. It made me wonder if they really understood the seriousness of the state of affairs.

Many passerbys honked in approval; only one SUV load of people yelled out: "Go Bush". Surprisingly there was not more of that given an article in this weeks Eugene Weekly that says that local Eugenians have donated twice as much to the Bush campaign as Kerrys. And we thought we were so liberal here in Eugene...

I saw a lone Corporate News guy there, but not a cop in sight. Not sure if it made it on the nightly news since I don't watch t.v.

After about 45 minutes the crowd began to disperse, some walking away with candles still lit, illuminating their pained, mournful expressions.

VIGIL 13.Sep.2004 12:55


Mourn! Don't Organize...