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The Daily Poetry Movement

Rigobertu Menchu. Nobel Peace Prize winner. Guatemalan. Mayan. Orphaned by the US government for United Fruit and other US companies in order to seize land for the elite social strata we set up. The war against communism really was genocide. This is her poem of peace. Listen! Rise up.
I crossed the border, Love,

don't know when I'll return.

Maybe in summer, when Grandma Moon

and Papa Sun meet again in a brilliant dawn

celebrated by all the stars.

They'll announce the first rains.

The squash buds will sprout&emdash;

which Victor planted that afternoon

he was gunned down by soldiers.

Apricot groves will blossom

and our fields will flower.

We will plant much corn

for all the children of our land.

Bees will return to the hives

emptied by so much massacre and terror.

Rough hands again will shape

clay pots to receive the honey.

I crossed the border, Love,

I'll return tomorrow&emdash;

when tortured Mama weaves

another colorful blouse.

When Papa, burned alive,

reawakens to greet the sun

from the four corners

of our little hut.

There will be drink for all,

there will be incense,

the laughter of little children

and joyful marimbas.

There will be fires in every hut,

next to every stream,

to wash the corn in the early dawn.

Flaming torches will brighten the ridges,

the rocks, the trails and the fields.

&emdash;Rigoberta Menchu,

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

A few more words. David Stoll from the New York Times criticizes her. He also proceeded this by writing a book that waxes ebullient on the Generals on Guatemala. He is a crazy propagandist that none but culprit Americans believe. The New York Times set a standard during the Genocidal campaigns of the US corporations with Corporate welfare in exterminating the peoples of Central America by blantantly lying in their columns and news releases about what took place.

Watch the movie "When The Mountains Tremble" powerful, overwhelming, and yet simple the movie fails in one regard.

While I understand that the "US Government" funded the genocidal campaigns all over the America's during the 80's while launching similar campaigns in our own country the movie fails to make one distinction relevant today.

All of this was done in the name of cheap, starved, malnurished, expendable labor. If you think this won't happen to you if we don't resist your wrong. Look around the globe and then look in the mirror. Stop being blind. Be selfish and stop the genocide now before your turn comes!

scientist proclaimed the number one crisis in the 80's: 09.Sep.2004 21:46

Migratory Bird

Over population, namely over population of indegenous people's. Look at the model american woman the tacher would say to her class, they don't breed. There is going to be a huge crisis in the world if we don't stop breeding so much.

So we went there on mercenary missions to stop the breeding of indians.

Meanwhile here in America to fight overpopulation the doctors gave hystarectemies to the indian women who sought hospital births near reservations or on reservations.

Overpopulation 10.Sep.2004 03:18

Migratory Bird

That should read that doctors gave forced hysterectomies to the Indian women. Many AIM activists stopped giving birth in hospitals because how crazy the white doctors would get. This shit continues today.

Is overpopulation a problem? Only under capitalism. The idea of destroying the earth for short term profit, or over producing crops to change market values, or to under-produce crops for the same reasons, is simply crazy and changes the carrying capacity rate. In a lot of these regions they have ahigher carrying capacity rate. Until bopal, or shell, or chevron, or british petroleum comes along and destroys the land.

Democracy and capitalism are not synonymous no matter what they try to say. This is in fact to far different theories. Over population and indegenous populaces are not synonymous either.

Guatemala Today 11.Sep.2004 02:04

Migratory Bird


Guatemalans protest at dam, September 8, 2004 demanding money for their poverty stricken lives. The world bank funded the dam in which over 300 mayans were brutally massacered by the governement, and forced for relocation to build the dam. The World Bank has agreed that they are accountable (provisions of loan is how it works) for the massacre but they have not paid the Mayans for lost lives or farmland.

Some of the babies had their heads bashed against rocks in order to force Mayans to move from their homeland. Read CNN article.