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If W. Wins, then GREAT: Impeachment Proceedings Can Begin

Iraq an Unconstitutional, Illegal War
Ralph Nader Opposed the Invasion & Presents a Plan for Peace and an End to the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

Kerry/Bush: Stay the Course
Nader/Camejo: Get Out
September 9th, 2004:

Widespread media reports circulating this weekof the 1,000th US military fatality provide the American people cause to reflect on the human toll of the Bush administration's rash and deceitful gambit of preemptive military intervention. At this time, the Nader/Camejo Campaign would like to reiterate its longstanding belief that the attitudes informing US foreign policy require sweeping overhaul. Milestones such as that achieved this week must be avoided at all costs. Please take the time to acquaint yourself with the measure of American sacrifice to date. (Source: New York Times)

Nader: US Should Withdraw From Iraq


The quagmire of the Iraq war and occupation could have been averted and needs to be ended expeditiously, replacing US forces with a UN peacekeeping force, prompt supervised elections and humanitarian assistance before we sink deeper into this occupation, with more U.S. casualties, huge financial costs, and diminished US security around and from the Islamic world. The faulty and fabricated rationale for war has the US in a quagmire. Already more than $155 billion has been spent, adding to huge Bush deficits, when critical needs are not being met at home. We should not be mired in the occupation of Iraq risking further upheavals when our infrastructure, schools and health care are deteriorating. Four years of free public college and university tuition for all students could be paid for by $155 billion.

Video Clips from Columbia College Chicago, Illinois
On the verge of another Vietnam
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Messianic militarist
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Why should the people trust Bush with the presidency?
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What to do now in Iraq
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We entrenched Saddam, we have a responsibility to the Iraqi people
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Call for impeachment
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Chicken hawks, the prejudged easy win and the quagmire afterward
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Posted June 10, 2004
Dressing Up the Puppet Government
Nader Calls for "dual military and corporate exit strategy from Iraq"
The Bush Administration is feeling the pressure of the failure of its Iraq occupation so much so that they have flip-flopped and have sought an international costume for its continued occupation of Iraq.

But the Nader Campaign continues to urge the United States to set a definite date for withdrawal, not only of Mr. Bremer and his civilian authority - but also of the U.S. military, its corporate private mercenaries and its outsourcing corporations like Halliburton. "The spiral of violence will not reverse until a dual military and corporate exit strategy is announced," said Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader. Nader has urged a six months exit with internationally supervised elections, continued humanitarian aid, neutral, Islamic and Arab countries providing security.

Posted on May 13
Letter from Ralph Nader to President Bush Concerning Inhumane Treatment of Prisoners
Dear Mr. President:

The reported widespread abuse of prisoners by your Administration adds another condition that reflects on your failure of leadership. Anticipation and prevention of such tragedies should have been routine by the top officials whom you command. How can you imagine winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people? You are expanding what the intelligence agencies call "blowbacks" - expanding the networking of stateless terrorists against the United States. In addition, your Administration's actions put US soldiers and civilians in Iraq at increased risk from the backlash to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, most of whom the press reports were charged with no wrongdoing when imprisoned.

Posted on April 22
Nader: Oil the Source of Two of Earth's Major Problems
On Earth Day 2004, Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader highlighted as two priorities: ending the Iraqi occupation and facing up to the immediate crisis of global climate change. "Future geopolitical crises involving oil resources and environmental problems will be diminished by finding alternatives to fossil fuels," said Nader.

Nader linked the two issues on Earth Day because he sees them as symptomatic of the corporate oil-based, planet destructive behavior of the Bush Administration. Nader has called for the United States to withdraw from Iraq - including military, private military contractors, oil industry and other corporations. Nader noted: "The war in Iraq is unleashing widening cycles of violence. The potential for escalation of violence increases every day the US military remains in Iraq. The way to reverse the spiral of violence is for the United States to go back home. The US presence serves as a magnet for the insurrection, kidnapping, terrorism and destruction." Nader released a three-step strategy for withdrawal earlier this week.

Posted on April 19
Withdraw US Troops: Presence of military hinders progress in Iraq, drains U.S. economy.
Every day our exposed military remains in war-torn Iraq we imperil US security, drain our economy, ignore urgent domestic needs and prevent Iraqi democratic self-rule. We need to announce a withdrawal of our troops, not increase them.

Calls by the major presidential candidates to indefinitely "stay the course" spur the spiral of violence. U.S. presence serves as a magnet for insurrection, kidnapping, terrorism and anarchy. Announcing a definite withdrawal and ending the U.S. corporate takeover of the Iraqi economy and oil will separate mainstream Iraqis from the insurgents and give the vast majority of people there a stake in replacing occupation with independence.

Posted on April 15
Nader to Bush and Cheney: Give your tax windfall to Iraqi Children
A letter sent to President Bush last September concerning his legislation reducing taxes, mostly on the wealthy. The White House did not respond to this letter. On Tax Day 2004 it is worth highlighting the egregious self-enrichment and conflict of interest in congressional legislators and the president creating a tax cut for themselves. Ralph Nader urges the president and vice president to give what they saved as a result of this tax cut windfall to charity. Due to the suffering and devastation of the children of Iraq caused by the US/UN economic sanctions that were inflicted on innocent civilians, in addition to war and military occupation of Iraq, Nader urges them to make an equivalent donation to credentialed and appropriate US charities for Iraqi children.

Posted on April 13
Nader: Iraq an Unconstitutional, Illegal War
Building on his call for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader today is calling on Members of the House of Representatives to begin an impeachment inquiry to investigate two distinct impeachable offenses.

An Impeachment Inquiry is the first step toward considering Articles of Impeachment. During an Impeachment Inquiry the House would investigate whether there are potential impeachable offenses.
that is going to go really far in a republican controlled 09.Sep.2004 22:19

I agree with you

legislative branch. I agree with you and bless you for your idealism but this is politcs and it is not going to happen.

The quaint old days ... 09.Sep.2004 23:35


... of Republican congresscritters being willing to vote to impeach one of their own (as in Nixon) when undisputable evidence of gross malfeasance surfaces are long gone.

The GOP no longer represents any flavor or variant of conservatism. It's now a neo-fascist political movement. And fascists don't share the conservatives' belief in the rule of law -- the only thing they care about is power.

Really now, if the president hasn't been impeached for failing to fight terrorism and lying the country into an unjustified and illegal war, then the logical conclusion is that there's absolutely nothing he could do that would make him eligible for impeachment in the eyes of his followers.

It is approximately as likely that a GOP-controlled congress will impeach W as it is that the parliament of the so-called "Democratic People's Republic" of Korea will impeach the Dear Leader.


Clouds in my coffee 10.Sep.2004 17:24


A mushroom cloud would appear before an impeachment hearing. The addiction to alcohol has turned to power.