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The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty Needs Your Help

Several weeks ago, we issued an emergency appeal for funding. Summer is a hard time to get people to focus on such matters but, still, the results were far less than we needed to turn things around.

It has not been possible to pay our organizers on time. In the last month, our fulltimer has received only $105.00 and our parttimers $115.00 each. All three are due for paycheques again this week, which will amount to $400 each. Another phone bill has just come in and Bell will not be as ready to wait as our organizers are. If we are to pay our phone bill and provide the wages we owe, we must generate $4,704.82 right away. If the
situation has not turned around by next week, we will have no choice but to lay off organizers.

If you believe that the Liberal Government in Ontario means that the war on the poor is over, you are not someone likely to support OCAP and we won't try to convince you that you're wrong. But we are committed to keeping up our daily casework on numerous fronts and we are serious about taking a stand against the anti-poor agenda of the City and Provincial governments. Our view of things is that the same agenda that was
implemented by Harris and Lastman is now in the hands of slightly more subtle but fundamentally likeminded types. It is part of an international attack that must be met by grassroots social movements based on methods of serious resistance.

OCAP is dedicated to help build the Ontario component of this struggle. As we step up the fight against McGuinty and our challenge to the social cleansing coming out of City Hall intensifies, it will be a great shame to have to cut back on the scale and pace of our work. Please send us the resources we need to step up our fightback.

Cheques can be made out to OCAP or contact us at the following:

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
10 Britain St. Toronto, ON M5A 1R6
416-925-6939  ocap@tao.ca www.ocap.ca

homepage: homepage: http://www.ocap.ca

Surely your math is wrong 09.Sep.2004 19:03

Derek Maddox

You say that your "fulltimer" is due $105 for the month, yet your "parttimers" are due $115? Why on earth would the full time person work for less than the part time employees? Better they should work only part time for you (presuming you could pay their wages), reserving some time to work for another organization that might be a bit more financially solvent.

Talking about people working against their own economic interests.....