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Crisis in Vancouver!

Vancouver citizens are outraged over racist hostilities, and the lack of accountablility in thier local governemt. Now is the time for fundamental, change. Join us in solidarity, and protest.
Crisis in Vancouver
National Action Network

Vancouver residents have charged their local government, and institutions with permitting, and in some cases participating in racist acts against the public.

-When Mae Williams' son Lavel Lindsey was murdered by Jason Ferguson in a night club stabbing Vancouver's "Columbian" newspaper interviewed her. Mae whose family has faced numerous accounts of police harassment, soon found to her dismay, that her home address had been printed on the front page of their paper. When questioned by a citizen regarding the murder, the killer Jason Ferguson stated clearly "Yeah, I killed that nigger!"
Clark county Sheriff Sgt. Dave Trimble denies that the murder had any racially or gang related motive. He claims that the murder revolved around a disagreement between them and some friends that dated back to their middle school years. Yet Sgt. Trimble doesn't doesn't know what schools the men attended or what the disagreement was about.
Ferguson's bail was initially set at $150,000. However due to public outcry and a protests from both inside and outside the bail hearing, his bail was raised to $300,000. Even this number pales in comparison to the bail recently set for Joseph Vallejo for the charge of robbing two white drug dealers. His bail was set at $1,000,000. This discrepancy clearly demonstrates a racial bias against people of color in the Vancouver court system.

-Sky View High School (360-313-4200) White girls have threatened Mae's daughter with a gun and called her a nigger. Mae's son was not allowed to graduate from Sky View because a white kid that shared his name didn't turn in his school books. Mr. Benkowski a P.E. teacher at Sky View failed Mae's daughter rather than allow her the time to mourn the murder of her brother. An African American honors Graduate of Sky View applied for scholarships and received none, while her white classmates did.

-A young black man named Louis Gray and his friend were attacked by fourteen white males, kicked, stomped, and ran over by a car in their Heritage High School (360) 604-3400) parking lot last June. The police report to have made ten arrests concerning this case. Yet as of late the remaining suspects have not been apprehended. In letters to Sheriff Lucas and Sergeant Eastman, (the officers handling their case) the families of the young men who survived this hate crime expressed their frustration at the time it's taking to track down and prosecute the men who perpetrated this crime. They can not help but express their frustration that if this had been a crime committed against whites by blacks, arrests would have been immediate. As it is, months after the crime all of the perpetrators have not been brought to justice. One of more disturbing revelations about this case is that Vancouver NAACP contacted the "Columbian" (800-743-3391) newspaper with news of this hate crime and to date they have deemed this story unworthy to print.

-Reports have been made that Marshall Elementary (360-313-2400) puts children without learning disabilities, from low income families, into programs for the developmentally disabled in order to receive special funding.

Vancouver citizens have experienced numerous incidents of being racially profiled while driving.

Kristy Duell had an officer of the Vancouver police department watch her through her window as she nursed her infant son. Complaints were filed with Vancouver city manager, Pat Mc Donnell. Vancouver Police Department refuses to report findings of complaints filed by citizens.

Collen Bell worked for Freightliner for seven years and never received a bad review. Rather Mr. Bell received a racially motivated attack against his life in the form of loosened lug nuts on his vehicle. When questioning fellow employees and management about this incident Mr. Bell was attacked, and hit in the face by his supervisor. Collen soon filed a workplace grievance, only to be fired for insubordination. Three weeks later Freightliner called to tell him that his job had been filled by three other workers. Mr. Bell has filed a grievance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and may file civil charges.

Earnest Edsel is a hispanic American activist and Lawyer with National Civil Liberties of Washington (a public interest law firm.) Earnest filed a class action lawsuit against a group of Clark county judges for making collective efforts to bar him from practicing law. The basis of their attacks on his profession is that Earnest (a veteran radical lawyer) does too much activist work. The majority of clients that depend on earnest are too poor to afford other quality representation.

Call to protest!

National Action Network
The Citizens of Vancouver and Clark County
Washington are having a Citizen's rally at Clark County Public Service Center.
Come out and participate in your community rally. We are working together
for a better community in Clark County.
Police Accountability
Malicious Prosecution
Hate Crimes
Affordable Health Care
Music, Speakers and Much More!!!!
Location: Public Service Center
1300 Franklin Street
Date: August 25, 2004
Day & Time: Saturday, 2:00 thru. 5:00pm

P.O. Box 9005
Tacoma, WA. 98409
Phone: (253) 255-2619
Abdullah Mustafa, President
Alton McDonald, Vice President
Rae Vallejo- Out Reach Coordinator (360) 721-3106

phone: phone: (360) 721-3106

missing picture for article 09.Sep.2004 17:47


Please feature this, and delete this comment.


Keep up the reports 09.Sep.2004 21:47

good job

People need to see these facts.

I dont think that you can over report this information.

I think its unfortunate.


Correction 09.Sep.2004 21:51

Den Mark, Vancouver

The protest is September 25, i assume, & not "August". I'll be there. Racism in Clark County or Multnomah County or ANY county will be confronted.

Information 09.Sep.2004 22:28


Thanks to Indymedia, we have this information. Incidentally, there's a new newspaper in Vancouver, I'm told, and the competition is prized by me. These incidents make me totally angry. How unjust, and cruel. We will NOT tolerate this. Yes, shout it loud and clear, protest, the red-neck city actions against race. The judges, schools, newspaper, police and city's involvement are disgusting.

Correction 09.Sep.2004 22:34


Sorry folks,
That date is September 25, This month. Not last month.

See you there!

lo and behold 10.Sep.2004 12:38

told ya

there have been numerous gang attacks in bellingham wa. a ''middle eastern '' looking young man was harangud and chased down street by white men yelling that ''sand nigger'' type stuff.native an filipinos have been gang attacked.death threats to a ''mixed'' black and white couple.(yeah , lets kill him later, ha ha ha ) .right in broad daylight.officer poortinga badge 208 makes racial comments to people.his name is mentioned on page 42 of the mass market book''sniper'' about alleged ''beltway snipers''.why isnt NAACP taking up this fact.let the local NAACP know about bellingham wa.a man was run over and died by a white man yelling '' damn niggers'' before he aimed his car at the man and plowed into him.the police chief randy carrol said this wasnt a ''hate crime''.if you kill a black man and you are yelling ''damn niggers'' what could be more hateful????? again,please alert ALL human rights orgs. about BELLINGHAM WA>please DONT let the BELLINGHAM ''authorities'' SLIDE on these matters!

. 10.Sep.2004 13:39


existence'' and do it again the next day.they are like human vacuum cleaners raping soul and body of the duped masses.

dont make blanket statements... 12.Sep.2004 12:46

concerned citizen...

In your comments you spoke of a few things that are claimed to support 'racist' claims. i think that those situations should be investigated further before you make blanket statements about the poor minority. this sort of thing happens to people of all colors...

the library books. i am a white male adult, what you might classify as a WASP. i barely graduated from my local high school in vancouver because i too had a name that was the same as another person in the school, that person owed over 300 dollars in missing library books and school fines. had my father not intervened on my behalf, i would not have walked down the isle. saying that such a thing happening to this person is purely racial is a very bold and very misguided statement. it is a sad circumstance and warrents being delt with, but dont make blanket statements.

the 'racial' beating at a local high school. a very near and dear friend of mine, who happens to be a white male, was recently assualted, robbed and hospitalized along with 1 other white male and white female. they were assualted and robbed by black males and females amounting to close to 15 people. this beating was caught on video tape, was purely racially motivated, as was indicated by their comments on the tapes and subsequent interviews of the 3-4 people caught. not to mention that the fact of them only assualting white people in an area that clearlz showed peoples of other colors on the tapes, narrows down their motives. to date, only four of the people, all of which are clearly identifiable on the video tapes, have been brough to justice. of those four people, none were charged with hate crimes due to the possible political fall back that should occur due to minorities being involved. several of those invovled in this beating have gone on to bigger and better crimes to which they are wanted for, but they have still not been charged for the beatings of my friends. this case has been going on for over a year now and does not look like it will be resolved in a way that is positive for my friends. it does not appear that justice will be served....

with that in mind, to state that if the victims were white, there would be immediate justice is rather ignorant. politics and the race card play on both sides of the fence. this is evident in the handling of the case of my friend. blanketly stating that minorities are the sole targets of the failures of our system does not serve to keep people informed or help people to these causes. it just makes people roll their eyes and tune them out. for every 'woe is me' minority tale, their is an equal number of 'woe is me' whitey, wasp, 'fortunate' persons tales as well. try to be a bit more thorough in your reporting of the 'facts'.

if we are going to have justice...lets truly have it for all....

Ever consider checking your facts or your grammar? 15.Sep.2004 01:03

Fed up reader

I read this article and I couldn't think of one that is any more one sided or unprofessional. Not only is it hard to sort through the hateful anti-police propaganda, but the lack of any use of spelling of grammar made it almost impossible to read at times.

First off, let me say that your criticism of Skyview High School (notice how Skyview is one word, and not two) is completely inaccurate. I myself graduated from Skyview and the confusion of names runs rampant. When I was graduating, not only I had problems with the school saying I had long overdue books, but they also claimed that four of my friends did also, all of whom are white. In regards to Mr. Binkowski's PE class (notice it's not Benkowski), I also once had to leave class for a week to attend my Grandmother's funeral. When I got back, it was just as if I was sick. I had to make up those days I missed or would have the points deducted from my grade. I have been a student of Mr. Binkowski's since 6th grade and he has never once shown himself to be racist.

Now to the most inaccurate and slanted view in your so-called article. That of the Sheriff's Department. Where did you get the information that Sheriff Lucas himself and Sergeant Eastman were investigating the case? In NO WAY are either of them involved in any part of that case. Sheriff Lucas is busy dealing with the administrative details of running the Sheriff's Department and maintaining its smooth operation and has no reason or obligation to work on that case. The same goes for Sergeant Eastman. He isn't assigned to any case like that since he is a Sergeant in a unit which does not actively investigate these violent cases, or any cases for that matter.

This article is by far one of the worst pieces or trash I have ever had the misfortune of reading. It seems that there is a complete lack of editorial competence on the part of this author, or this site for that matter. I don't understand how all these readers can blindly follow this trash the way they do.

-Fed up reader.

yes lets have justice for all 15.Sep.2004 11:51


Instead of justice for none! Lets start by shutting down the Vancouver police's "shark tank" (the cell block of white supremacists where they put inmates of color to "teach them a lesson"). Lets address these issues described here, and then keep going.

Why do people always try to get other people to do nothing, by telling them that they are not doing enough?

I hope that everyone will consider coming to this rally, because it is addressing some very important issues that do not just conveniently stay on that side of the river. We've all got to act in solidarity to create justice for all.

To:FED UP READER 17.Sep.2004 04:44


Dont you have anything better to do than spell-check?The article is about hate and injustice that is rampant in many communities.Maybe,you are enjoying a nice suburban life where the biggest problem is people driving too fast through your neighborhood.That dosnt mean that other peoples experiences are not real.YOUSUCK!!!(all one word)

Shark Tank? 21.Sep.2004 17:20


The Vancouver Police Department has no holding facility for prisoners. They don't have a place where they hold anyone of any color to "teach them a lesson." Officers do not have time to take out of their day to harass anyone or teach anyone a lesson. It saddens me to be part of a community where so many people are narrow-minded, and easy to sway. Of course, as in every job, there are people in the world who are prejudiced. However, the police departments in this area are professional organizations. Officers do not want to work side by side with officers who discriminate or profile. It goes against the things law enforcement stands for. No one in law enforcement wants to have rogue officers who bring shame to the badge, and departments do weed people out if they see those problems. That is part of the arduous hiring process. There are questions regarding racism in the psychological evaluation, and people who show an inclination towards discrimination are weeded out of the process. It's no more fair to say all police are bad than it is to say all people of a particular race are bad.

To sodapop 22.Sep.2004 17:07

Fed up reader

If someone hopes to get credibility for their article they should at the very least run it through a spell check.

As for my life experiences, I have an EXTREMELY knowledgable background about the situations described within the article, and my points are valid and truthful unlike those of the author.

Great work 20.Dec.2004 09:36

Concerned citizen

Thank you for bringing hope to canadians. This article clearly points out that Vancouver has gone sane!

look into it 11.Aug.2005 14:13


They are not just directing clark county rasicm on people of color!! This is also the poor people!! I have faced many situations with the clark county police that are very in just. No one can say that they are a good department till you research things that go on! Or maybe you will have to wait till it happens to your family if that is the case so be it. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED TODAY!! If you would read some of the complaints filed you could see what they do to people it is horrible!!