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What a good Person he is ( Lars Larson)

here is his cell number
I'm such a huge fan of Lars Larson that I wanted to share is Cell Number with you all again, 503-351-8886. Everbody call him up and please tell him what great job he is doing here in Portland, we pray for him every night and for his fat wife Tina Michele Larson. You can tell him how much we all like him spewing all of his hate over the air. If you do call make sure to do so while he is on tv so you can see his fat jowls jiggle.

Toward a loving world 09.Sep.2004 16:41


As I see it hate is as hate does. Hatred can end when we stop deciding that some things or some people are ok to hate.

Nah fuck that, that guy sucks 09.Sep.2004 16:49

Lu C. Fer

Everyone should throw back as much angry bile at that fascist cock as possible. At least until he wises up and changes his number. Good job Up Yours. Now snag his home phone, please.

what are his ratings down again? 09.Sep.2004 17:17


Here's a post from last year when this came up:

Lars Larson is a pompous, bombastic, whiney moron.

A couple of years ago, I pulled off a hoax that purported a nuclear power plant was to be built on a federally protected wetland in Astoria, Oregon voters outlawing nuclear power in this state in the 1980s. I even appeared on his goose steppin' talk show for about a 1/2 hour where we "discussed" how nuke plants were really a misunderstood and necessary part of Oregon's "energy future." While Lars acted a bit skeptical, KXL ran the story as being legit (as did TV channels 6 and 12) until The Daily Astorian finally figured out it was a complete falsity designed to show that Larson *not* a journalist of any kind, but an entertainer for Grecian Formula using Republican crowd in Lake Oswego and Charbonneau.

Like any celebrity that complains about the "assaults" of the paparazzi, it's hypocritical at best. It's really easy to ingore your cell phone when a flood of people call you an asswipe. I'm sure he loves the attention and his new "victim" status.

An excellent call to action, but... 09.Sep.2004 17:19

Pravda or Consequences

please leave his wife and the descriptors out of it.

Thank you.

I do dislike him very much 09.Sep.2004 17:36

Up yours

My intension are to get his ratings up again but, I just want to see him get hammered and look more of a fool then he already is. I would love to for M. Moore or someone from Air America come here and debate with him and slap him down like a dirty bitch (sorry woman) he is. He has a foothold in this area and until he goes away his rhetoric will stay, if he was taken off the air the misguided sheep that listen to him might see it our way. I would like to see an anti lars web site and every time he make a outlandish statement it needs to be countered with the truth.
Down with Lars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry 09.Sep.2004 17:49

Up yours

Sorry Tina made the decision to marry this asshole, so therefore its open season on her also

alsis38 09.Sep.2004 18:16

Oh, that's mature... alsis35@yahoo.com

...let's mock Lars and Mrs. Larson for being fat. Because, you know, all Lefties are skinny, buffed, perfect physical specimens of humanity. [rolleyes] And it's very important fight a man who makes a living attacking people for superficial reasons by being as superficial as possible yourselves when you return fire.

Grow the fuck up, People. What is this, Indymedia or Animal House ?

Choices 09.Sep.2004 19:14


It is my view, that the world we experience is built on the choices we make. I choose love.

rebel without a clue 09.Sep.2004 19:30

tell me why

including his wife seems threatening and your attitude is nasty. What do you stand for besides hooliganism?

this kinda makes me see... 10.Sep.2004 09:08

not a morning person

why we have never had a revolution.

also, who said you had to say something stupid? you could call him and try to reason with him, or slay him with an intelligent comment. or you could sit around and mutter about love and then go get toasted, make some organic tofu, and feel really good.

dirty bitch? 10.Sep.2004 09:32

Sorry Women?

Fuck you, up yours.

Revolution 10.Sep.2004 13:01


In my experience, it is when we let go of the war the rages inside us, when we choose love over hatred and violence and when we choose to love ourselves and others with the same passion; it is at this point the inner revolution begins. It is we ourselves that must change. Working to force external change only perpetuates our current situation.

to bright 11.Sep.2004 11:50

not a morning person

I'm sure that the people living in the ghettos of nicaragua, the struggling indegenious farmers of chiapas, the starving cold begging old woman in peru, the kids getting killed in the innercity, will be happy to know, thrilled and relieved, that your head is all peace and love. i'm sure that will make everything better for them. if only they made peace and love in themselves, they wouldnt be struggling.
keep looking away, it will make your love a lot easier.

Eyes wide open 11.Sep.2004 18:08


To be in a space of love and peace has nothing to do with looking away from the issues of this world that need to be resolved. It does mean that one has the courage to see clearly one's own inner self and learn to face what needs to be changed.

In my experience love and peace are active qualities that require not aversion to that which is difficult but rather to respond with compassion and work towards real solutions. As I said at the begining, a loving and peacful world will only happen when we decide to find ways to express love rather than hate and actively find expressions of peaceful change rather than promote continued "justifiable" violence.

I say that Marx's idea of violent revolution is not a solution, but rather an excuse and justification for continued violence.

To face the inner demons is to begin the inner revolution.

To pull the trigger and draw the sword is our past; it need not be our future.

address 18.Sep.2004 09:31

around the corner

you maybe find him here hidding in the corner with piss running down his leg 2630 N Hayden Island Dr Slip #14 1967 N Jantzen St 3008 SW Wilbard St 0234 SW Bancroft St 515 NE Tomahawk Island Dr 821 SW Terwilliger Pl 9100 SW Mt Rainier DR Vancouver, WA Pay him a visit

Bogus 23.Sep.2004 08:24

Not living in oregon anymore

Clark County Property Information Account Summary Account No 037913-372 Tax Status REGULAR PARCEL Site Address 9100 MT RAINIER DR, VANCOUVER, 98664 Abbreviated Legal Description COLUMBIA RIDGE #1 LOT 8 & #2 LOT 9 BLK 13 Account | Land-Building | Taxes | Documents | Permits | Splits/Merges | New Search | Maps Online Property Owner LARSON LARS K Owner's Mailing Address 9100 MT RAINIER DR VANCOUVER WA 98664 Property Location Address 9100 MT RAINIER DR, VANCOUVER, 98664 Administrative Data Zoning Designation Codes... R-6 Codes... R-6 Comprehensive Plan UL UL Census Tract 412010 Jurisdiction Vancouver Fire District Vancouver Park District District 2 School District Vancouver Sewer District Vancouver Water District Vancouver Neighborhood Vancouver Heights Section-Township-Range SE 1/4,S32,T2N,R2E Urban Growth Area Vancouver Sales History Last Sale Year Sale Date 03/08/2004 Document Type DEED Excise Number 538110 Sale Amount $418,500.00 Previous Sale Year Sale Date 0000000000 Document Type NONE Excise Number 0 Sale Amount $0.00 Assessment Data Assessed Parcel Size 1.52 ac or 67421 sq ft Land Value $106,700.00 Building Value $175,700.00 Total Property $282,400.00 Note: property value is based on 2003 assessments for 2004 taxes. Property Type Single family unit not sharing structure with other uses For optimum printing, choose landscape orientation from the browser Page Setup menu. Print

I can't believe it - that really is his cell number!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding! 22.Oct.2004 04:29

JB on the OR coast

So I just tried the number at 4:20 AM and guess who answered? FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Lars asked: "Who is this"? I replied: "Your fairy god mother." He seemed a little perturbed. I should have asked if he sleeps with his pistol under his pillow. God I hate that "man"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great 23.Oct.2004 16:03

How right you are

And another thing, this ahole no longer lives the state of Oregon, he now live in Washington at 9100 SE Mt Rainier Dr, Vancouve, WA. What the hell give him the right to come down to our state and tell us how to run it?

You won't belive this 23.Oct.2004 19:52

No More Bush

On top of him being such a ass hole he no longer lives in Oregon, he moved to Vancouver in May to 9100 SE Mt Rainier Dr. So he comes down everday and tells us how to run our state but he doesn't live here, how about that shit!!!

What's even worse 23.Oct.2004 22:17

are you ready

that this guy doesn't even live in oregon anymore, he comes down from washington to tell us how run our state, he now living at 9100 SE Mt Rainier Dr.

Tina Larson 07.Dec.2005 15:25

concerned citizen

Taken from someone who has met and socialized with the Larson's. Tina is an idiot. I have worked with her on charitable committees and she never follows through on anything she promises to do. She is about 20 years younger than Lars and talks baby talk all the time. The two of them are embarrassing socially. They are social climbers of the worst kind. They have no real "friends". He was a registered Democrat until 1996. Surprised? Funny, huh.