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Horse Abuse, Susan Matlock Forfiets Ownership Of Horses

Susan Matlock had a court hearing and arraignment today at the Washington County Court House in Hillsboro OR. Matlock gave up ownership of the 6 horses and has plead "Not Guilty" to 6 counts of Animal Neglect. Her next court date is Oct.18 at 9am.
Susan Matlock with her Attorney Dan Taylor
Susan Matlock with her Attorney Dan Taylor
Susan Matlock
Susan Matlock
The Court Room
The Court Room
Susan Matlock
Susan Matlock
Susan Marie Arnold Matlock, a veternarian, who moved to Oregon from Texas in 2002, appeared in Court today at 9:00am with her Attorney Dan Taylor. She gave up ownership of the 6 horses that she is being accused of neglecting and abusing at her farm in Banks OR. Pete, one of the abused horses, will now be able to immediately get the surgery he needs. The surgery will consist of opening up the leg and cleaning the joint back to normal and then fusing it with metal plates. Pete's left fetlock joint had an abcess draining from a large penetrating wound that was untreated by Matlock. Pete was diagnosed with septic arthritis, which is an infection of the joint and surgery is the only way Pete will be able to live a long and heathy life.

Matlock pleaded "Not Guilty" to 1 count of 1st degree Animal Neglect and 5 counts of 2nd degree Animal neglect and plans to fight her charges. Her lawyer stated "She's innocent until proven guilty."
Matlock's next court date for her charges will be Oct.18th 2004 at 9:00am at the Washington County Court House.

The 6 horses were thought to be about 2-3 yrs old, this has been questioned. Pete, when first examined by veterinarian doctors, was thought to be 2 or 3 yrs old. Now they are estimating that he may actually be 6 or 7 yrs old. The horses were severely malnourished so it retarded their growth in many ways and made it hard to tell what age they actually are.

Jeannette Nachbar, the Field Supervisor for Washington County Animal Services, said that when she first walked into the shed/barn to check on the state of the animals, it was dark and silent. The horses did not nicker or make any noise at all. Usually, horses will make some noise when they see a human because they know they will get fed. These horses were not used to getting fed or loved. Nachbar also stated that the 6 horses were likely offsprings from other horses Matlock once had but probably sold. Right now, supposedly, there are only 3 horses left in the pasture, which has been reported that her 16 year old son has ownership over them. The horses were said to be in ok condition. Where did the other horses go that were in the pasture? No one knows, except for Matlock. Guesses are they were sold.

The 6 horses are doing a lot better at Elkridge Stables. They are happier and healthier already. But Pride Rescue, a non-profit, is desperatly seeking funds for the medical costs and care for these horses. If you do not have money to give, you can also help out by giving the horses, grain, hay etc. Remember, they are non-profit and have little money. So, whatever you can do to help these horses out would mean so much to Pride Rescue, and of course the 6 beautiful horses.

You can contact Jill Barth at Pride Rescue for any more info at
503-793-5422, or send donations/letters to P.O. Box 622 Forest Grove, Oregon 97116. To donate to Pete's surgery you can call Willamette Vally Equine Surgical and Medical Center at 503-678-4225. You can also get more info and pictures of the horses at their website www.helpthehorses.org.

For more info on this issue go to:

homepage: homepage: http://www.helpthehorses.org.

Want To Do More??????? 09.Sep.2004 15:47

Mountain Gorilla (beagles friend)

Call, fax, or pay a visit at Matlock's work,(Banfield Pet Hospital), and put pressure on them to fire her and tell them you will spread the word to all your friends and the people they know, that they have an animal abuser working for them if they don't fire her.

Banfield Pet Hospital
889 NE 25th Hillsboro OR
Bob Douglas # (handling suspension and Matlock)1-800-838-6738 Ext.7176

Call, email, and fax the Oregon Veterinary Board Of Examiners,who issue the vet licenses and tell them not to renew her license or to immediately take her license away.
Oregon Veterinary Board Of Examiners
Phone: 503-731-4051
Fax: 503-731-4207
Email:  OVMEBinfo@state.or.us

Call, email, write a letter, and fax Judge Gardner. Let him know how you feel about this issue (politely).
Judge Mark Gardner
Address: 150 N.1st Hillsboro,OR 97124-3083
Phone: 503-846-3503
Email: Garnettecone/wsh/ojd
Fax: (call to get fax)

Call and fax the District Attorney Sarah Allen and tell her (politely)
a large community is watching and cares about this case. It will not be forgotten! Keep up the pressure!
D.A. Sarah Allen
Phone: 503-846-8671
Fax: 503-846-3407

If you can get the contact info for Matlock's Attorney Dan Taylor, tell him what you think about him representing a psycho animal abuser.

Susan Matlock
Phone: 503-324-0297
Address: 49835 NW Staley Rd. Banks OR

You have Susan Matlock's phone # and address, do what you want with it. Even better here is the directions on how to get to her house. Take Hwy 26 to NW Fisher Rd.(across from Buxton), take a Left onto NW Fisher Rd and then another Left onto NW Staley Rd. Her house is at the end straight ahead, the barn/shed with no windows or ventilation is off to the right, I think that is where the horses were kept.

Keep Checking Portland Indymedia for more current info or post yourself when YOU get more info.

This is up to ALL of us! NOW GET ACTIVE!!!!!! Check Out www.helpthehorses.org for more pics and more info on the conditions of the horses.
Matlock's House
Matlock's House
Barn/shed horses kept in
Barn/shed horses kept in
Matlock's House
Matlock's House

Thank you,beagle 09.Sep.2004 22:36


Thanks so much for the information and the pictures,beagle.I cannot believe it,she looks like a normal human being,not the hideous monster I had imagined.Who else walks amongst us?

We took our dogs to her, now we can't get our records 13.Sep.2004 12:39

Experienced in Forest Grove

Are you sure she isn't having a longterm mental breakdown? This can happen to anybody. Dealing with severe depression is hard. Trying to help somebody in decline is hard as they are often unwilling to change comfortable patterns. I'm not saying she should keep her animals though, Absolutely not.

We took our mild-breed-mix dogs to her a few years ago. She was strange, unusually foggy and sullen, and I thought she might be very stoned or on STRONG mental health meds.
She was very concerned about biting, my dogs have never bitten, but I kept telling her if she wanted to muzzle them, go for it. She kept asking "Should you muzzle them?", but not doing it, I finally gathered the true agenda was something else....

One dog had a bad skin infection from scratching due to allergies. It was pretty obvious he was having classic allergy reactions, from anything you look at on the web. Instead, she suggested cancer tests on skin biopsies. The dog had to be knocked out, a patch of skin cut out, stitches and cancer tested. Over $300.
We never did get any effective longer-term treatment for the allergies. Next we got a young fella (Bean) at the same clinic, he solved the problems quickly, cheaply---AND called later to see how it all went.
Anyway, the clinic folded in Forest Grove, no warning, and we can't get our animal records, nobody can. Thank god we kept copies of everything: kennels, groomers, etc., won't take your pets without records.

Thank you 24.Sep.2004 10:47


Thank you, Beagle, for all of the info you have graciously supplied for everyone. The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) will post this case on its website (www.aldf.org) to try to get a large turnout at Matlock's next court date(s). ALDF has also offered free assistance to the prosecutor on this case and will urge that she to be prohibited from owning or harboring any more animals in the future, receive mandatory psychiatric treatment and pay for all costs of caring for these cruelly treated horses.


Current Vet Board Info 23.Nov.2004 03:16

Lisa Andrews


License #: 5003
Veterinarian - Renewal

889 NE 25TH


Phone: ( ) -
Initial License Date: 09/28/2000

Current License Expires: 12/31/2004

This licensee has been disciplined by the Board.

Still has horses 18.Apr.2005 21:58

Horse Lover

It has been noted and observed that she still has 3 horses and they are in training at David Fields Stables. Suposedly they are entered in Spanaway WA horse show this weekend 4/22-4/24.Please go visit her and let her know what you think.