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Defeat Bush, Save Our Future

Request for volunteers to help us with our efforts to defeat Bush in Oregon in the November 2004 elections.
The League of Conservation Voters is a non-partisan, non-profit, pro-environmental advocacy group based in Washington D.C. We are running the largest grassroots campaign in Oregon's history in the run-up to the November elections, in an effort to defeat George W. Bush, the worst president on environmental issues of our generation, and to elect John Kerry, one of the strongest and most consistent advocates of environmental issues in the history of the United States Senate. We are looking for volunteers to help us canvass the 150,000 household and 200,000 voters in our target audience across the state of Oregon, to persuade any swing voters that a vote for Kerry is more sensible than a vote for Bush, and to ensure that our campaign continues to run efficiently and effectively as it has since May of 2004. A minimum time committment is all that is needed - just a couple of hours between now and November. If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the most exceptional campaign on ennvironmental, public health and other issues in Oregon's history, and are tired of Bush Administration rhetoric that never seems to change, please call Jocelyn Lippert at 503-227-2111, or email us at  oregon@lcv.org.

Defeat Bush and Save Our Future. Don't have any regrets on November 3rd.
L.C.V. is in the pocket of Theresa Heinz Kerry 09.Sep.2004 14:45


The L.C.V is in the pocket of Theresa Heinz Kerry, she is on their board and by their own website they show Rep. Dennis Kucinich had a better environmental voting record in 2003 , until they pulled the info. down off their site. Gee, what a suprise they "picked" Kerry

You have no future 10.Sep.2004 03:19


Until you take back politics from both Bush and Kerry, and the people who own them, you have no future.

Yeah, Sure... 10.Sep.2004 12:25

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

My message to the LCV would be, "If you can quell all your regrets just by marking a ballot for a shithead like Kerry, I envy you. Your life must be damn uncomplicated.

"P.S.-- Stop sending me all that fucking junkmail, you pathetic frauds."


Thank You. :p