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Journalism is a tricky and sometimes dangerous business. Reporters in Baghdad, Afghanistan, the Occupied territories, and many, many more places face grave risks, like the risk of being shot at, kidnapped and detained, beaten, and worse.

But we don't live in Baghdad here, (and I don't mean to insult Baghdad, but it is currently a dangerous place) and we are generally free to reort on things, whether that reporting means just talking to someone, writing something and posting it, singing a song, and so on.

They said Michael Moore's film was not reporting, but propaganda. Sen. John McCain recently called him disingenuous. But he was able to not only give us a good report on what's going on, but a stunning glimpse into a brief period of American history. Like in his films Roger & Me and Bowling for Columbine, he was able to get into places that most of us can't get into, and report on things that we needed to hear. And his film crew risked their lives to report from Baghdad, just as dozens, hundreds of others have done, and many have died.

I've only seen Fahrenheit 9/11 once, but I look forward to seeing it again. Michael Moore has shown his selflessness in not seeking best picture Oscar, so that maybe he can get the movie on t.v. soon. He doesn't know how much he risked (or maybe he does) by making the film, and how indebted we are to him.

Although on the surface it may not seem like it, things are starting to change. If you look carefully, you can see that things are changing quite rapidly, and for the better. As the Beatles once sang "Its getting better all the time."

We must stay relaxed, stay focused, and let things work themselves out. And remember: never trust a man named Curveball.