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Stations Preempt '60 Minutes' Expose On Bush Military Service

Today on Democracy Now
In other TV news, viewers in multiple markets reported last night their local CBS affiliate opted not to broadcast 60 Minutes which aired a segment raising new questions about President Bush's military record in the National Guard. In Lubbock, Texas the station aired a pre-recorded show for the St. Jude's Children charity and held 60 Minutes until 1:35 in the morning. WTVR in Virginia reportedly aired a special 15-minute weather report at the top of the air that coincided with the portion of 60 Minutes that discussed Bush. WYOU in Pennsylvania claimed the station had transmitter problems during the hour. In Oklahoma, the local CBS affiliate had planned to not air 60 Minutes until 3:15 in the morning but the station caved in following a campaign by the Progressive Alliance Foundation.

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Do a check... 09.Sep.2004 10:53

Tony Blair's dog

on who is running each station and learn who
is cashing in from every death of a U.S. soldier
in Iraq.

Political, Financial, or Both? 09.Sep.2004 12:28


I'm curious whether these pre-emptions are the result of politically-motivated station owners, pressure from advertisers, or both. Probably both, but if it'd be great if advertisers used their fiscal clout to pressure the stations. That type of action certainly doesn't fall under any election laws.

... 09.Sep.2004 15:36

this thing here

how about the time i was listening to my local publica radio station, during a hour long talk show. the topic for that hour was energy. one guest was an expert on green energy. the other guest was the energy expert for the heritage foundation.

the energy expert for the heritage foundation was getting her ass kicked. 40 some mintues into the prgram, the green energy expert was explaining multiple ways in which farmers could make money off of green energy, such as wind energy. suddenly...

... bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttttttt.

for 8 solid minutes.

when it came back on, it cut right to the heritage foundation energy "expert's" bullshit answer.

coincidence? FUCK NO.