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irony of the war on terrorism

Bush doesn't fight terrorism at home. The current ban on military-style, semi-automatic assault weapons is set to expire on September 13, 2004 unless Congress and the President act.
He said, in 2000, that assault weapons make no sense in our society, yet he has turned a blind eye on the expiration of the ban of those weapons. Back then, he claimed to have a prohibitionist stance, yet he is now ignoring the ban, which will expire on Monday, September 13th, if he and Congress refuse to take action.  http://congress.org/congressorg/webreturn/?url=/nra/issues/alert/?alertid=6318566

This is clearly a move to allow military-style weapons to move into our nation. This will not only allow criminals access to these weapons, but could contribute to the further militarization of the police in the U.S. These weapons have been banned for ten years - and the ban was initially supported by law enforcement organizations and the majority of citizens in many states.  http://congress.org/congressorg/webreturn/?url=/brady/issues/alert/?alertid=4682041

It is frightening to see that these weapons could come streaming into this country just days after Cheney has threatened the American people with more terrorist attacks if Bush is not re-elected.  http://letters.washingtonpost.com/W8RT044E0C7A4B7D0F07F3F5F7CB50

Terrorists consistently choose assault weapons. Why would Bush allow the ban on them expire right before the election while allowing his administration to elicit the fear of terrorism among the people? Of course, we won't be surprised when Homeland Security raises the temperature to code red, nor will we be caught off guard when the next act of terrorism strikes.