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United States Senator Byrd has been asked by an influencial WWII veteran's group to investigate the constitutionality of the tightly held media within the U.S.
Honorable Robert C. Byrd
United States Senate
Washington, DC

Honorable Senator Byrd:

Above all other leading scholars of Constitutional Law, I believe that you would agree that the free press and religious equality clauses of the Constitution are violated by the fact that ownership and control of more than 90% of our press and FCC-licensed television and radio is held by one religious faith that represents only 1.5% of the U.S. population.

This condition, therefore, is a de facto violation of religious equality and Constitutional equal rights to free press and conduct of free elections.

To address this problem, possibly the Legislature of a State might hold public hearings on this matter and pass legislation that might be titled "A Religious Equality and Constitutional Free Press Act." Such a proposed law might state that inasmuch as the meaning of the Constitution is for no one religion to dominate in ownership and control over the Constitutional right of free press; therefore religious proportional representation in control and ownership should be adopted as a guiding principle in government licensing by the Federal Communications Commission for television and radio broadcasting among the several States.

If such proposed legislation by a State were discussed and debated in public meetings, there would be much support for it and an eventual Supreme Court decision over its Constitutionality could be expected. By this means, the present ownership and control of the media by one religion of 1.5% over the 98.5% of other religions of the population might become more justly regulated by FCC Constitutional authority.

I suggest this study to be conducted by National Vanguard Books, Hillsboro, West Virginia, an organization that has published substantial data on media control and ownership.

Your review and thoughts on this Constitutional interpretation question would be most sincerely appreciated by all the Americans who are now indebted to your leadership and courage.

Yours most respectfully,

Bill Norton
WWII Veterans for Peace
6208 Warner Drive
Los Angeles CA 90048
This is garbage. Please compost 09.Sep.2004 10:45


Just because the author says the group he represents is "influencial" doesn't make it true. What religious group is he talking about? Is he talking about Jews? That would make this anti-semitic garbage and beneath contempt.

National Vanguard 09.Sep.2004 10:51

is a white supremacist organization

Don't fall for this shit.

Religious Fruitcakes 09.Sep.2004 12:01

Not to worry

The world wide Illuminati Zionist movement is open to both Christians and Jews alike. If you are Islamic, then you might appeal to Aleister Crowley's appologies on Islam. In the end, Crowley's most famous, inspired writing called for the destruction of all Zionist religions: Christianity, Judiasm, and Islam alike.

worldwide illuministic religion 09.Sep.2004 12:42

what is it?

Well its not the major religions, because they are obvious targets of these Pharisees. No, I believe it the religion of Lucifer, their god of light, that directs the minds of the illuminati and their minions.

Just follow their ceremonies, Skull and Bones, Thule Society, Bohemian Grove to name a few and occultic Babylonian beliefs and it couldn't be clearer. As for the truth as to the reality of an entity called Lucifer, the fact that they believe in it and practice it, should be of concern to everyone.