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9.11 investigation

Bush and bin Laden Connections

It discusses the various dealings between the Bush and bin Laden families and the Bush family's aid to the Taliban. And urges Americans to consider voting for Jack Grimes in the Presidential Election of 2004.
The Bush and bin Laden families have been connected since 1977 in various business deals. For example, Salem bin Laden invested in Bush Jr.'s start-up oil company, Arbusto Energy, Inc. Bush Sr., as head of the CIA, made Al Qaeda what it is today, by arming the Taliban rebels who were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. Bush, the elder, also met with bin Laden representatives the day the government staged their "Fake" attacks on 9/11/01. The United Fascist Union presents you with these facts so you can vote wisely (if they allow an election at all this fall). We hope you will vote for our candidate, Jack Grimes, the only man strong enough to clear up this mess Bush Jr. has made, and get America back on the right track with Fascism 04. VOTE FASCIST 04!! ELECT JACK GRIMES PRESIDENT!!