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NBC Is Confused About What Constitutes News

I was at a nabor's this morning for breakfast. NBC news was on (via KGW). A would-be "news" story was about a "new" ready-bag of stuff (yeh, duct tape & stuff) which people should buy to Be Ready for an attack (shudder). Such kits have been available for eons, but NBC thinks this is "news". Here's the kicker. The "reporter" said that the bags are available at "select stores such as this wal-mart". Uh-huh. A stench was apparent. Then the source of the stench appeared, as the next commercial break was an ad for, tuh-duh, wal-mart! I rarely watch tv, so maybe this co-mingling of commerce & "news" happens all the time. However, i was shocked, to be honest, that something so blatant & clumsy was perpetrated, & that the bogus nature of corporate "news" would be so obvious.
and people watch this shit?!