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9.11 investigation

FIRST Portland 9/11 Truth Demo Will Ask the Taboo Questions

Portland, OR - September 11, 2004 - In observance of the 9/11
anniversary this Saturday, the Portland chapter of the 9/11 Truth
Alliance will gather downtown to advertise some questions that
official commissions and media seem afraid to ask.
This is the first Portland demonstration on the issue. The demonstration begins at the
Multnomah County Central Library at 3:00 PM, and will move to Pioneer
Courthouse Square at 5:00 PM. Later the group will move about town to
visit other September Eleventh  gatherings. Participants will carry
graphics flashing questions like these:

Why did the Air Force fail to scramble jets and intercept the planes?

Why did the north tower, the tower hit first, fall second?

What caused the explosions heard just before the WTC towers collapsed?

Why did FBI HQ block investigations in Minneapolis, Phoenix & NY?

Why did building 7 collapse when it wasn't hit by a plane?

Who planned to profit from plunging airline stocks after 9/11?

Why were war plans for an assault on Al Qaeda drawn up on Sept. 9th?

Why does Florida Senator Bob Graham believe in a 9/11 cover-up?

Who met senior US Officials on 9/11 and also helped fund the attacks?

Why do 1 out of 2 NYrs believe US Officials "consciously" allowed the
attacks to occur?

Why wasn't the president immediately moved from his publicized location?

Why are the dimensions of the Pentagon hole smaller than the dimensions
of an airliner?

Why were warnings from numerous foreign intelligence agencies about an
impending attack ignored?

"These are some of the questions the commissions  did not  ask", says
9/11 Alliance spokesperson William Hofford, who leads a Thursday night
discussion circle on the issue. Says Hofford,  "Connect the dots, and
another story begins to emerge."

Participants at Saturday's event will be prepared to elaborate on the
details for any curious citizen inclined to ask. Many of the
demonstrators are "graduates" of a 9/11 lecture series by Kurt
Leibezeit, a self-made expert on the subject, who teaches a sort of
September Eleventh 101 called Deconstructing the New Pearl Harbor. The
lectures will soon begin a third cycle. 

"All the media ducks these questions," says participant George
Trinkaus. "The Internet has been burning up with this. The public wants
to know. But there's some ominous gentleman's agreement that has 
reporters and editors scared of losing their jobs."

A poll conducted with New York City residents, from August 24 through
August 26, was released last week by Zogby and reports that "Half of
New Yorkers Believe US Leaders Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9-11
Attacks and "Consciously Failed" To Act."

Original Press Release from Zogby

Read Full Poll Results Here:

Complete Break Down Of Results Here:

The discussion group meets every Thursday at Laughing Horse Books,
3652 SE Division, at 7:00 PM. Leibezeit is showing pertinent films at
the same location on Wednesdays. The next film will be "Orwell Rolls in
His Grave." September 15, 7 PM.

The Saturday event will be the first public action of the Portland 9/11
Truth Alliance.
Challenging the Flock 09.Sep.2004 10:55


Let's challenge the sheeple with these questions that they are so inclined
to deny... maybe a few will be drawn into a legitimate discussion inspite
of themselves.

The suspicious trading aspect of 9/11 is important 09.Sep.2004 11:38


Here is a site with alot of information about the suspicious trading. This is important because what the 9/11 comission dismisses as concidence is to large an event to be merely concidence. I don't believe after watching many specials on the building collapse that the towers were destroyed by explosives. It's important to have a realistic grasp on what happened that day.  http://www.angelfire.com/oh5/hazen/HTML2.html

Dear mr. nasty 09.Sep.2004 18:18


it sounds like you have been seeing too many of the O-FFICIAL specials.
there certainly are some glaring questions relative to the colapse of the buildings
especially bldg 7.

do some research and see what you find?

pics from the demonstration 13.Sep.2004 05:06

mel r

Tears for Fears and other acts were the main draw at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Saturday the 11th. The local 9/11 Truth Alliance brought signs and handed out literature.

mel r 13.Sep.2004 05:14

pics at Pioneer Sq.

Sat. 9/11

we are still alive 17.Apr.2005 13:29

alex ansary alex_ansary@hotmail.com

the 911 group meets thursdays at laughing horse bookstore on 37th and Division....
I always need guests for my cable access show...
email me for details.