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The Daily Poetry Movement

This Piece is being used in the film Poetry in Wartime set to preview on September 11, 2004. I will provide the link for you to find out more about this film and what you can do to make sure that it is seen by others. You can see this film September 11, in Seattle. Flower Rats!
Poem for an Iraqi Child in a Forgotten News Clip

I'm sorry that your mom was killed
When a missile struck your home
You were only three, and innocent.
Your mother too was innocent.

That missile came in my name,
Paid for by my tax dollars.
I was against the bombing, but
Not registered to vote,
Afraid to make a stand.

I have a daughter, about your age.
She is beautiful and strong.
Her mother is here, her father there,
But her home has never been bombed.

She makes fliers to pass out at school.
"No one should have to die for oil."
She scares her teachers and school counselor.
She is too young to vote.
But not afraid to make a stand.

This time, I will not stand idly by
While politicians propagandize and
Big corporations divvy up the booty
In advance. No.

This time I will make my voice heard,
Say the things I couldn't say before,
Support my daughter and the others when
They stand against another unjust war.

I am sorry for your loss.
Sorry too, for my part in it,
My apathy, my inattention.
Sorry for your loneliness and deprivation.
Your lost childhood. Your pain.
Sorry for the bombs that fell and fell,
For the planes that circle still.
In my name.

Pamela Hale
35 years old

"I'm an ordinary person from an ordinary place."

for seattle showing info
Activate REMEMBRANCE —On September 11, all across the United States, people will be remembering the terrible events of that day three years ago. Libraries across America will host public conversations on the state of America. The Central Library in downtown Seattle will be hosting one such event, along with a screening of the documentary "Poetry in Wartime." The conversation will then focus on three questions: what is patriotism, what is truth, and what do you have to say? For more information and a complete list of participating libraries, visit theseptemberproject.org and spl.org.
host link  http://www.tabletmag.com/91/cream/

For Poetry Site link go to

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Movie Reccomendations include:
and Naqoyqatsi
Using images and music without language these movies help to bridge language barriers to ask fundamental questions about our global community and how we choose to build it. Visual poetry these are breathless works of art that last a really long time so bring tea and cookies.

Manufacturing Consent is a good film as well. Check out the debate between Focault (I can't spell my readers) and Chomsky. Nice. Watch it, distribute it, articulate it, post quotes on corporate media's forehead, the sales box.