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Boycott Fuji Products

A boycott of Fuji film and Fuji products has been called for Fuji's role in police actions in NYC. Please circulate.
Boycott Fuji

The Fuji blimp was used extensively to aerially surveille peaceful protestors at the Rep. Convention in NYC. Fuji provided the blimp to the city "free of charge."

The Fuji blimp, in conjunction with police helicopters, was used as a constant intimidating presence to dissenters exercising their protected First Amendement rights to peaceably assemble and protest US government policies. The blimp provided information to police who illegally arrested scores of people in roundups using nets and other violent "preemptive" tactics.

Please contact Fuji Corporation and let them know you are boycotting them and why. Contact information:


COMPANY Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. (Subsidiary)
[ Photographic Film and Paper, Cameras, Digital Cameras, Digital Printers, Minilab Systems, Motion Picture Film Raw Stocks, Recording Media ]

200 Summit Lake Drive, Valhalla, New York 10595-1356, U.S.A. (Website:  http://www.fujifilm.com/)

FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. (Subsidiary)
[ Medical Systems ]

419 West Avenue, Stamford CT 06902, U.S.A. (Website:  http://www.fujimed.com/)

Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals, Inc. (Subsidiary)

40 Boroline Road, Allendale, NJ 07401, U.S.A. (Website:  http://www.fujihuntusa.com/)

Enovation Graphic Systems, Inc. (Subsidiary)
[ Graphic Systems ]

200 Summit Lake Drive, Valhalla NY 10595, U.S.A. (Website:  http://www.enovationgraphics.com/)

Fujinon, Inc. (Subsidiary)
[ Broadcast Lenses, Cine Lenses, Endoscopic Systems ]

10 High Point Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470-7434, U.S.A. (Website:  http://www.fujinon.com/)

Brady Varitronics (Distributor)
[ Poster Printer ]

6835 Winnetka Circle, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55428, U.S.A. (Website:  http://www.varitronicsystems.com)

COMPANY Fuji Photo Film Hawaii, Inc. (Subsidiary)
[ Photographic Film and Paper, Cameras, Digital Cameras, Digital Printers, Minilab Systems, Graphic Systems, Medical Systems, Motion Picture Film Raw Stocks, Recording Media ]

94-468 Akoki Street, Waipahu, Hawaii 96797, U.S.A. (Website:  http://www.fujifilmhawaii.com/)



COMPANY Fuji Photo Film Canada Inc. (Subsidiary)
[ Photographic Film and Paper, Cameras, Digital Cameras, Digital Printers, Minilab Systems, Recording Media ]

600 Suffolk Court, Mississauga, Ontario, L5R 4G4, Canada (Website:  http://www.fujifilm.ca/)

Fuji Graphic Systems Canada Inc. (Subsidiary)
[ Graphic Systems ]

6425 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L4V 1E4, Canada (Website:  http://www.fgsc.ca/)

Christie Group Ltd. (Distributor)
[ Medical Systems ]

516, Rue du Parc, St-Eustache, Quebec, J7R 5B2, Canada (Phone: 1-450-4729120)

Thanks 09.Sep.2004 10:03

Den Mark, Vancouver

Thanks for this info. Seattle's late great Boycott Quarterly is much missed for its regular comprehensive list of corporate villains. It would be good to have something like that again. I'd be willing to help. I've been wanting to assemble a boycott list for distribution at our progressive tables here in Vancouver. Thanks for info about Fuji. I was at rnc/NYC but did not realize that the Fuji blimp was spying on peaceful people. Makes my blood simmer.

[ 09.Sep.2004 10:29


i heardabout this but didnt have the details. good to expose this corporate fascism.asian companies can be fascist too. the african man never conspires to conquer the earth

question 09.Sep.2004 11:16

Truth above all

where the proof to back up this claim? If you have it, please post it. I would like to learn more.

Just look in the sky over Manhattan 09.Sep.2004 12:43

Not a medic

Unlike the mysterious planes that allegedly are spewing 'chemtrails', the Fuji blimp is well-marked and impossible to miss. It was present almost everywhere that a demonstration was occurring in New York City during the RNC. It was so obvious that some medics used it to guide other medics to destinations, "Just go to where the blimp is, that's where the protest is going on".

Critical Mass riders had floodlights shining down on them from the blimp as they were getting their arms broken by cops, other direct actions and those involving civil disobedience had the blimp present overhead continually. In case there was any question, the blimp was also marked with a "NYPD" logo.

What do you call it when a corporation and the military aspect of a state become indistinguishable?

It's Called ... 09.Sep.2004 13:43

Den Mark, Vancouver

It's called fascism, of course, & it is here.

Question 09.Sep.2004 20:49

to the

post. Did you say Boycott or expose FIJI were you find it.

Need a long-term boycott campaign 28.Mar.2005 16:47

Comandante Gringo blackhouse@mil.gov

I've been wanting to find a long-term committed boycott that savages corporations which support the growing fascism -- Fuji Film for starters, on account of their support for the brutal police action during the Republican National Convention in NYC 2004, and their other, ongoing ancillary police support. It's not my impression that there's anything much come of this, nor any centralized website even. Maybe someone could post up-to-date information on this?

We need one, two, MANY mass, long-term, serious boycotts of those corporations, organizations and individuals who think "fascism today is A-OK!"...