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Gina Lynn Returned to General Population

Gina called last night to let me know she'd been returned to general population! Her property has been returned to her and she's now allowed to make more than one phone call a week and is doing much better.
Her attorney will be filing a motion this week asking the judge to
release her since it's clear she will never cooperate with this -or any-grand jury. If you haven't already done so please send in a polite letter to the judge asking him to release her as soon as you can.

Gina mailed me the following statement from jail:


I am writing from the SeaTac Federal Detention Center on my tenth day
incarceration for contempt of court. The charge stems from my refusal
cooperate with a federal grand jury investigating the animal rights and
environmental movements. In particular the "theft" of over 200
from an egg farm and an arson at a timber company - both in the greater
Seattle area.

I have devoted the past 17 years of my life wholly and passionately, to
the cause of animal rights. The idea of participating in the
investigation, and potential prosecution, of others in the movement (I
myself have been given immunity) is absolutely out of the question.

Though my precious dog Jude waits for me at home riddled with cancer
little time left. I will always remain strong and a committed to my
principles. Judge Zilly, AUSA Andrew Friedman and AUSA Tate London
eventually have to realize that I cannot and will not be broken.

I am prepared to lose Jude, my five cats, my car, my apartment, my job
already lost one due to this case), everything that I've worked hard
to prove my resolve. You can leave me here until kingdom come - I WILL
LIFE. It is not, and never will be an option. And the sooner they
that out, the les taxpayer money, their time, and my time will be

Much love and thanks to my very understanding mom, David Hayden,
Lance, Nik Hensey, Jerry Friedman, Jane Garrison, everyone who has come
out to protest this federal witch hunt in Seattle, and my wonderful
attorney Peter Camiel. I so deeply appreciate the support of my

The most important things anyone can do to support me are:
1. Keep the struggle for animal liberation alive!
2. Anything towards making sure that my companion animals are cared for
(contact Nik, David, Allison, or my mom to donate towards their food
3. Anything that may help get me out of here so that I can return to my
kids (companion animals) myself: write/call Judge Zilly AUSA Andrew
Friedman, and AUSA Tate London and tell them they're wasting their time
and taxpayer money trying to coerce me to testify.

Beyond that, of course it would be great to have books (must be sent
publisher), letters, money on my books, etc. But I don't want these
things unless my animals are taken care of first. They, as well as all
animals being systematically tortured and killed are much more
than me. So, if you are inclined to send me a $10 book as your sole
contribution, I am very grateful but please send $10 to my mom towards
Jude's vet bills instead.

And please do everything you can to free animals from their enslavement
every single day. They deserve nothing less.

Keep Fighting

Gina Lynn

NOTE: For details about how you can help support Gina please visit


homepage: homepage: http://www.NoCompromise.org