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Call for No Fly List Web Site

Call to activists to establish a non-profit organization and web site for those who have been harrassed or prevented from flying airlines (or other transportation) because their name is the same as a name on the so-called "no fly" list.
Have you been denied passage on aircraft or other transportation because your name appears on a no-fly list, like Senator Ted Kennedy? Have you or your business lost money because of no-fly lists? Then join together in a class-action lawsuit naming John Ashcroft, Tom Ridge, the US Justice Dept., airlines, Dept. of Homeland Security, George W. Bush, Jr., et. al. Nothing will stop this non-sense faster than a large number of class action lawsuits against the federal government and the airlines. Individual passangers can claim thousands of dollars of punative damages against the government for business deals lost, business meetings missed, etc. Time to sock it back to the government the only way that government understands...the power of the people.