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60 Minutes to Air Bush Bombshell Tonight

Don't miss 60 Minutes this evening - 8 pm - Channel 6 in Portland. Break out the popcorn . . . it's reportedly going to be a hot night for Mr. Bush.
The 60 minute piece tonight at 8 pm EST which features an interview with Ben Barnes, who says he got George W. Bush into the National Guard to get out of the Vietnam draft, is apparently much deeper than previously thought.

Meanwhile, The Boston Globe finally reports that Bush failed to meet his National Guard requirements, and was absent without leave.

The 1,500 word piece notes: "Twice during his Guard service - first when he joined in May 1968, and again before he transferred out of his unit in mid-1973 to attend Harvard Business School - Bush signed documents pledging to meet training commitments or face a punitive call-up to active duty.

"He didn't meet the commitments, or face the punishment, the records show."

The examination of Bush's records prove what other sources have asserted all along, that Bush should have been ordered to active duty after he repeatedly failed to show up for mandated training sessions.

But the 60 minutes piece may be even bigger. Sources report that CBS has been pursuing angles of Bush's Guard service for several months far and beyond Barnes, whose only role was getting Bush into the Guard. They will not go on the record with additional information, but say the one-hour special could be a bombshell which would devastate the Bush campaign.

Josh Marshall, who runs a popular insider blog in Washington, had this to say: "The big news won't be how Bush got into the Guard but how he blew off his duties once he got there. Again, new documents - stuff that is clear and straightforward and apparently puts beyond any debate or doubt that the now-President blew off the duties that he said, as recently as this year, that he fulfilled."

Indications are that CBS is hoping to preempt The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, a new unauthorized biography of the Bush family that biographer Kitty Kelley is said to have been working on for the past five years. In it, Kelley levels numerous allegations against Bush, among them that Bush abused cocaine while his father was President.

The widow of a former Texas publisher also told Salon last week that Bush had been sent to Alabama in 1972 because as a known drunk he was a political liability to his father, not because he had found a "great job" with a senatorial campaign there.

In an article that appeared in this morning's OREGONIAN, retired Lt. Col. Albert Lloyd Jr., a cormer Texas Air National Guard personnel chief who vouched for Bush at the White House's request in February has done a complete about face, agreeing that Bush walked away from his obligation to join a reserve unit in the Boston area in September 1973. He condones this selfish behavior (a pattern which existed before the incident and continues today) by complaining that singling out Bush for criticism is "unfair" because "There were hundreds of guys like him who did the same thing." However, beside the fact that what these "hundreds of guys like him" did was also not right, these "hundreds of guys" have not lied to the American people about it, they are not asking us to relect them to the Presidency for four more years based upon personal character, and they do not consider it fair game to continually slam the service record of an opponent who actually fulfilled his military duty.

This is a quintessential example of standing in a glass house and throwing stones. There are going to be broken windows in the Bush Relection Campaign palace.
He's too old for a call to active duty now 08.Sep.2004 13:02


he could send in his daughters to make up for it.

Heads Up 08.Sep.2004 13:16

North Portlander

Can IndyMedia put this on the calendar for today?

From the 60 minutes web page 08.Sep.2004 13:45


(CBS) Former Texas House Speaker and Lt. Governor Ben Barnes tells Correspondent Dan Rather that he regrets what he calls the "life or death" decision he made to help President Bush get into the Texas Air National Guard.

Rather's report, which will include new information about Bush's military service, will be broadcast on 60 Minutes, tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
Following are quotes from Rather's interview with Barnes:

Barnes on his decision to help George W. Bush and others get into the National Guard:
"I've thought about it an awful lot and you walk through the Vietnam memorial, particularly at night like I did a few months ago and, I tell you, you'll think about it a long time. ...I don't think that I had any right to have the power that I had to choose who was going to Vietnam and who was not going to Vietnam. That's power. In some instances, when I looked at those names, I was maybe determining life or death and that's not a power that I want to have. ..."

Barnes on his feelings of regret:
"It would be very easy for me to sit here and tell you, Dan, that I had wrestled with this and lost a lot of sleep at night, but I wouldn't be telling you the truth. I...not eagerly, but readily, was willing to call and get those young men into the National Guard that were friends of mine and supporters of mine. ...Reflecting back, I'm very sorry about it, but you know, it happened and it was because of my ambition, my youth and my lack of understanding. But it happened and it's not...something I'm necessarily proud of."

Doesn't matter 08.Sep.2004 15:35


Like every other Bush offense, this won't matter. It will be reported, the Repulsican attack machine will assisnate the messenger, the Base will claim election year politics, and the whole story will be forgotten in a week.

It Absolutely Does Matter! 08.Sep.2004 16:07

Lawrence Maushard

Kerry & the Pirates are starting to hit back harder every day. It's working and there is still lots of time left. This segment will help to deride Shrub and all his claims at service to the country, etc. Might help turn more military votes against him as well.

Amerika watches and reacts to the tube. Hopefully this piece tonight is just as hard hitting as advertised.

Hey, just look at what happened with the Abu Graib story first reported widely on 60 Minutes II. I guess that didn't matter either. Jesus.

Save your uninformed cynicism, Bilbo, for another time.

Dan Rather on tonight's 08.Sep.2004 16:31


will ask some uncomfortable questions of the Bush/Rethuglican cartel that will leave 'em shitting
in their seats! Be warned....don't go around any Rethuglican tonight as they'll STINK!

Yea, where is Abu Ghraib now? 08.Sep.2004 16:32


Uninformed...hardly. I pay more attention than most and despise Bush more than most. I am simply looking at past facts. Other than getting a slap on the wrist and asked to maintain a low profile, what has happenend to Rummy over Abu Ghraib?...not to mention Bush. Wake up! I'll be back on this forum in two weeks to eat my words if this "new report" is still causing Bush problems.

Yes, It's Everywhere 08.Sep.2004 16:59


Abu Ghraib has entered the mindset of the world regarding the lies and fascist-like ways of the Amerikan military. That's where it is now. And that's a very important place to be. There's no way you can honestly says the Abu Ghraib story hasn't made a difference with people here and around the world.

Bombshell? Try a wet firecracker, Nothing new. 08.Sep.2004 17:04

waiting for the REAL October Bombshell

If you are expecting some great revelation about Bush's Texas Air Guard days, you won't find it tonight.

Here is what we know or suspect.

Bush Sr. pulled strings and got Bush Jr. into the Champaign wing of the Texas Air Guard instead of having to go to Vietnam.

Bush Jr. graduated in the middle of his class in flight school. (this is important if he was flying for United Airlines, but I don't know what relevance it has as president).

Bush Jr. missed a lot of guard drill meetings and didn't get punished for it.

Bush Jr. says he was transferring to Alabama to work on a political campaign. So he didn't make the one weekend a month drill meetings.

Bush Jr. is said to have went out back at the Air Guard base and snorted cocaine. (hard to do if he is not there in the first place.)

Bush Jr. didn't go to Vietnam and Kerry did.

Bush Jr. has been photographed in his dress uniform wearing a unit citation ribbon that was awarded to his unit, but before he was a member of the unit. (not uncommon for everyone in the unit to be made to wear a unit citation ribbon during inspections, etc.)

Bush Jr. has been called AWOL and a deserter.
Bush was not AWOL (Absent With Out Leave) because you must be on active duty to be AWOL, however he was considered absent, and that is punishable by fines, reduction in rank, and involuntary activation (being placed on active duty).

If I've left anything out, please post it below.

This story will be a big Brew-Ha Ha for about 2 news day cycles and will fade into the Hurricane of the week, Russia-Iraq body count, Kerry said, Bush said, media-ooze that is our cable TV viewing...

the message has been sent. 08.Sep.2004 17:14


Abu Ghraib was successful in that the message was sent around the world that if you fuck with the US and think you will be a martyred hero, instead you may find your parents and fellow villagers along with the rest of the Arab speaking world will see a photo of you smeared in pig shit, while a US female solider laughs as you have someone jacks off in your mouth.

That was the message that was intended to be sent by our Military Intelligence services, and that is the message that sticks in the Arab mind.

Lawrence 08.Sep.2004 17:17


>> There's no way you can honestly says the Abu Ghraib story
>> hasn't made a difference with people here and around the world.

Yes it has, I agree. But the original point was what harm has it done to Bush. Nada, zilch, zero. The Rethugs have such robust apparatus in place to keep this guy immune from any shit getting on him.

Let's use this report tonight from Mr. Barnes as a case study over the next two weeks. We'll see if it doesn't follow the same pattern of "it will be reported, the Repulsican attack machine will assassinate the messenger, the Base will claim election year politics, and the whole story will be forgotten in a week".

As I said, I will come back in two weeks and eat-my-words if it is still a hot issue and it has caused irrepealabe harm to Bush campaign.

My take on 60 minutes 08.Sep.2004 17:26

controlled as usual

It looks like the elite are giving Bush aka "temporary", (skull and bones) the boot. Now, senator Phil Graham, a global elite lap dog is slamming Bush and his Saudi ties in his new book. As well as, Michael Ruppurt naming Bush's VP Cheney as the 9-11 mastermind. Also the Kitty expose on Bush's secret gay lover. Who has the resources and the influence to publish and promote these books at this juncture if not to facilitate the long planned ousting of their loyal puppet Bush.

Ulimate power and control with the perception that we have any influence in this carefully crafted illusion.

The party of Skull and Bones still wins and the same players are running the game.

Abu Ghirab is Waiting.. 08.Sep.2004 17:37


...for Seymour Hersh's book to come out next week. There's going to be stuff in that book that will curdle the blood, as he mentioned in his talk to the ACLU two months ago.

Fuck the Corporate Media 08.Sep.2004 18:07


And fuck both 60 minutes and the bOregonian.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for shaking the couch potato masses out of their recliners, and if 60 mins wants to help with that, all the merrier. But why shout about it here? We've been saying this all along. You, and me, and everyone else who posts here already knows bush is a lying, cheating, draft-dodging, drug abusing, fortunate (if retarded) son who sends other people's children off to war in the comfortable knowledge that he, himself, will never have to sacrifice for it.

The corporate media has laid down and died on this and many other stories for the past four years. Why should we applaud them for dragging this out of their duffle bag now? They're only mouthing what we, the people, have been saying all along. What's next? A sizzling expose on how there weren't really WMDs in Iraq? Too fucking little, too fucking late.

Do yourself a favor. Turn off your corporate-controlled television set. You already know all that. Save your mind. Seek alternatives for the corporate media, and help your friends find those alternatives too. Fuck 60 minutes.

PS And don't fall for the ploy. Kerry isn't your only alternative to this madness, as they would have you believe. Take back your own life!

Well said CatWomen 08.Sep.2004 19:06


Very well said, albiet risque, CatWoman ;?)

Not much more than an 'equal time' for Kerry 08.Sep.2004 20:25

watched it just now

('equal time' in view of the massively overblown 'SwiftBoat' political ad which was promoted far more widely via inverse controversy than it was ever actually distributed)

it was a good interview with Barnes, got most of the basic facts of Bush's preferential service in TexasANG on the table, but . . .

the whole segment was framed within the 'political' nature and timing of the allegations (it took corporate media FIVE YEARS to report substantively on this ??!!!?!??!??),

plus, Dan Rather carped on and on about "can't we ever get over Vietnam" -

no major issues about Bush credibility raised, and the usual denials/ignorances from his camp.

The Tip of the Iceberg 08.Sep.2004 21:31

Cheney Watch

We have the facts of his service, only some of which is damaging. What is more damning is the way he has spoken about them which relates directly to his character or lack thereof.

Bush and his handler repeatedly lied about his receiving preferential treatment. Why, when the truth was certain to come out? It would have been simpler to play it like this: "Sure, I was able to avoid service in Vietnam, but at least I didn't run to Canada. I served in the National Guard."

Of course he had little option. The son of a former senator and an ambassador who has relied all of his life on family connections to get him out of jams and into business cannot afford to 1) go to the Vietnam and risk death or 2) flee to Canada and risk alienation from his wealthy and influential family and patriotic support base.

Repeatedly pointing out that he received an "honorable discharge" rather than getting into specifics about WHY he was sent out of Texas, why he did not report for a physical or for duty, WHY he failed to meet performance standards, and WHY he did not register with a local Guard unit after moving yet again seems to be his campaign manager's game plan.

His supporters can scream about "politics" all they want but Bush brought this upon himself by maligning Kerry's service record and insinuating that he is incapable of leadership.

Continual lapses in the National Guard on the part of Bush and lying about it afterwards do not show commitment to anything but his own personal agenda . . . a pattern that he continues to follow in everything he does.

grr 08.Sep.2004 22:23


Boo Hoo bush was a draft dodging drug addict in the sixties. Oh that's more important than the fact that he's a genocidal maniac in a long line of sick racist skull and bone head fucks? Or that that you're all about to replace him with a seamingly kinder gentler racist skull and bone head fuck?

fuck kerry
fuck bush

line em up!

misguided 09.Sep.2004 08:45


Get over this skull and bone conspiracy crap. Bush and Kerry are worlds apart in their motivations. S&B meant policial power to both, but how they use it is what makes them different. So Clinton, who was not in S&B is okay, but Kerry who was in all of a sudden Mr. Powerful Elite? This is B.S. All Kerry got was a rich wife and some political connections. He is not GW Bush, he is not even Clinton. Maybe Clinton lite. He is probably to moral to be President, which is why he will likely lose. He can't even succesfuilly defend himself against those lying bastards.

Shrub's National Guard Duty--Nationwide News Again! 09.Sep.2004 09:38


the Shrub National Guard story is front-page news nationwide.

that helps. and people are going to keep asking WHY he dodged the military physical. well, they probably did drug screens back then, too. all stuff everyone above has already alluded to. and the new Kitty Kelly book about to come out has allegations from a former Shrub sister-in-law that W used coke at Camp David during his father's administration. of course, she's already denied giving the interview.

anyway, all this does add up. especially if Kerry & the Pirates uses it.

irreparable harm to Shrub that will have lasting value for the next two months? don't know. but I do know it's not helping right now. and it may keep the bad spotlight on that murdering Texas yahoo for days to come.

thank you 60 Minutes II & The Boston Globe.

HEY CATWOMAN 09.Sep.2004 11:00


dont use words like ''retarded''.people were and are being exterminated because they were not deemed normal.the nazi regime called poor people ''useless eaters''. ripe for extermination.

Membership in Secret Societies 09.Sep.2004 12:53

a very big issue

Dismissing the significance of membership in a secret society such as Skull and Bones and the office of President is magical thinking. There have been several good books written to expose the S&B. If one feels this is not an issue, they would be well served getting a copy of the classic Anthony Sutton book, "The Order of Skull and Bones" and the more recent "Fleshing out Skull and Bones", and then see if you still are of the same opinion.