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The Daily Poetry Movement

I am very excited to announce that a movie Poetry In Wartime is set to be released on September 11, 2004. To see it on this date all you need to do is contact this website and arrange to have it played in Portland. As most of you know I migrate so I will not be there. Cheers!
Enheduanna, ancient priestess, noble woman, and poet from Sumeria (Iraq), 2300 BC.

"God of War, with your fierce wings you slice away the land and charge disguised as a raging storm,... Like a fiery monster you fill the land with poison... You are blood rushing down a mountain, Spirit of hate, greed and anger, dominator of heaven and earth! Your fire wafts over our land, riding on a beast,... You decide all fate. You triumph over all our rites. Who can explain why you go on so?"



This could be a project for any number of groups like Laughing Horse or Anarchist Poets Society ( I made that up but that sounds good, hmmmm) or IWW. Anyways I hope that somebody sees what a wonderful tool of resistance this could be. Sorry about the late notice.

Or (Like) this could be an anarchist coffeehouse production. (Yummy vegan carrot cake, zuccini muffins, popcorn w/ brewers yeast... clinton theater...)