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Help! Need a Taco Bell Template!

Student at Boise State needs a Taco bell without the "Taco Bell" words--
I am part of an organization called IPSA--Idaho Progressive Student Alliance...this summer, BSU sold the rights to our pavillion to taco bell for $15 million...we as students do not wish to receive our diplomas <however lame> at the taco bell pavillion...anyways can anyone help with the template??
taco bell logo 08.Sep.2004 02:41


here comes the Taco Bell logo in two versions.

one without the name, only the bell.
one complete with both bell and name.

both are illustrator eps v8 so they can be scaled as large as needed
without any quality degradation. use creatively =)

to download 08.Sep.2004 03:55


rightclick and "save as".
name the first file "TacoBell wo. name.eps" and the second one "TacoBell complete.eps".

for some reason the imc server sees .eps files as jpg now.

it did not work...=( 08.Sep.2004 06:47

perhaps it is my puter...

THANK YOU!!!! however, i couldnt download it...all that came up was the pic of the camera...maybe again? thanks again!


worked fine for me 08.Sep.2004 08:46

but i didn't ask for the image


here's how 08.Sep.2004 12:01


if you're using Internet Explorer, rightclick and chose "Save Target As..."
then name the files as described above.

if you're using Firefox, rightclick and chose "Save Link As..."
then name the files as described above.

(If you chose "Save Image As...", you will only save the image currently
under your mouse cursor, in this case the "stand in" image showing a camera,
and not the .eps file that it's linking to.)