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Report from inside Condi Lunch

Lunch a little hard to swallow for Condi
First let me preface this with the disclaimer that I was not inside the convention center, this afternoon. However, a close relative was present during Condi's speech and this is their report of the events.

As the room filled at the last minute before Condi's remarks, approximately 30 people with large Kerry buttons entered the lunch room. During her remarks two people moved about the room with Anti-Bush banners, they are members of the World Affairs Council, and thus apparently, entitled to be present. Two people immediately upon finishing eating began shouting at Condi, "You Lied" "Bush Lied." They weren't even asking questions!

The council is a nonpartisan group and she was repeatedly asked tough questions by the group about the nonexistent WMD's. Her responses were vague acknowledgements that there were unfortunate miscalculations and bad intelligence. (my comments, BULL....SHIT!!, ok, i feel better now) At no time did anyone attempt to silence those who asked provocative questions.

Anyway, it was nice to hear that Condi did not waltz in, and leave with a free pass.

Also if you were at the protest, KOIN gave A LOT of coverage to the protest Not too much sound but very good visuals - LOTS OF P I N K - and those crazy kids with the Terror Twister Game, that was very cool!!!! Thanks to all for their activism.
[ 07.Sep.2004 20:57


as laura bush was walking past the oval office she heard ''oh god condi,its so good''...fearing the worst she opened the door only to find george bush masturbating to condi rice press conference videos.er,uh ,the ,uh ,pause button got stuck,honey..i, uh ,eer,......(!)

Angry! 07.Sep.2004 20:59


I had a blast at the protest. I let myself get angry, and thus my shouted words came from ever deeper anger. A well-dressed woman came up to me and said something, maybe the f word, but I just shouted louder. She turned around, left, and entered the Oregon Conv. Center. So I had a one-on-one effect. Yay!

The sunshine and temp was just right. Inside and outside, we let Rice know Bush policies are fascist and sick. A protester said, "Eat rice," and I think that's hilarious because it is so true. We work and work and work, and what can we afford?

jackrabbit 07.Sep.2004 21:38


To "=" above: I delete spam and find your msg crude and beside-the-point. His closet capers are pathetic, but no different than his rule.

Ask me about 911 08.Sep.2004 07:37


A protester wears a President George Bush rubber mask as he hands out 9-11 bills with Bush's likeness on them, outside the Oregon Convention Center prior to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice's speech before the World Affairs Council in Portland, Ore., Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2004. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Of Course 08.Sep.2004 08:23

Den Mark, Vancouver

Of course, condi was not aware of us protesting outside. Nor would she care if she did know. The women who made it inside with protest tees & banners must have made condi squirm, & that's cool, but the rest of us outside were there for the public & for the media, very few of whom were present, & for each other. The anger yesterday was appropriate, & we need to display more of that, especially when vile republicans are around with their fear-based stupidity. One yuppy college boy yesterday had a sign which said "Safe With Condi". He might as well have had his comfy blanky with him at the big bad protest. What a jerk. Those pathetic spoiled morons would feel safe with hitler & stalin.

"Do not swallow poisoned Rice!"

Will being angry solve problems 08.Sep.2004 14:25


I have similar responses to "republicans", anger, frustration, more anger, more frustration...and then I always go to the same place, and that is, as long as I'm seeing "them" as "republicans", there will never be an opening for dialogue. My next thoughts usually begin with "well, they aren't open to dialogue anyway." However, that is besides the point...My internal dispute has merit from the point of view that if I were to drop my belief in my "rightness (and i mean my correctness)" and ask these folks questions, SINCERELY, and without judgement, that I might be able to connect with them breaking through the us and them of the republinuts (there I go again) and the demobrats, and in the process, eliminating "sides" and perhaps getting down to issues, commonality, etc.

Sound self rightious, well i'm not cause I havn't been able to bring myself to this place yet. Haven't been able to drop what I think, what I'm sure is the best thing, and allow for someone elses point of view - the very thing I expect, want, hope that "they" will do for me. But you know what "they" say, everything begins with thought, and perhaps word, then deed..So maybe we can think about this a while and actually put aside our collective indignance, and open up, without feeling like we have to conceed.

I'm also not saying you don't have to stop being pissed off. I mean how could you be with the ocean of bullshit we have to surf every day, but when dealing with individuals in our midst, would we be rising above the surf of shit by being not vulnerable, but as open to listening to their points of view, as we want them to be of ours. (and don't reply by cussing at me cause I'm not being judgemental)