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government selection 2004

Poll: Do you think that Bush will be president for the next four years?

...if you think that Bush will either win or steal the presidency this year. I personally do.
yes 07.Sep.2004 20:47


yes--and perhaps this will be the catalyst for us to take back what was taken, not just from bush--but from every oppressive "leadership" we have ever had.....

bah 07.Sep.2004 20:50

who cares

I think the ultra wealthy, east coast, prep school attending, yale graduating, white asshole will win. He will not represent the people. He will represent Corporate Consumer America. As a NoFX song says, "It's not the right time to be sober"

Onthe 07.Sep.2004 21:07


The DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) is not running to win. Kerry is not doing the obvious things to win the election. They are either planning on losing, or are more concerned with pushing the corporate agenda that is similar to Bush and winning is a somewhat distant second. So I guess it will be 4 more years of Bush.

a quick thought from my secure, undisclosed location. . . 08.Sep.2004 09:15

Hal E. Burton

Your question presumes that he is POTUS now. I think that role is split between Rove and Cheney!

Hopefully, Bush will be reelected 08.Sep.2004 21:41


Hopefully, Bush will be reelected because Kerry simply stinks and most probably would shove the country towards anarchy.

"$$$" - not possible. 09.Sep.2004 20:52


what you propose "$$$" is a logical fallacy.

in order for Bush to be "reelected",

he'd - in the first place - have to be ELECTED - which he wasn't,

rather, he was APPOINTED to the Whitey House by Dick Cheney's duck-hunting buddy Antonin "The Fixer" Scalia (plus four other SCOTUS justices).