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Undercover Vehicle in Whiteaker Eugene Identified

Just a little heads up for all of the kids here in Eugene. Spy onto them as they spy onto us!!!!
Much to the demise of the Eugene Police Department my job requires me to be at work much earlier then average. The result is that about four weeks ago (around the same time that the City was determining if Whiteaker would apply for the Federal "Weed Removal" law enforcement program) myself and a friend started noticing an out of place vehicle popping up everywhere from Washington and 1st to the Bethel neighborhood.

Eventually we say what we knew was inevitable, the lights, the cops in uniform, and the proof that the vehicle is part of the EPD fleet. So, now we out them!!!!

The Eugene Police Department is currently using a white Ford Bronco (early to mid 90's model). This trucks only "cop like" feature is one long range antenna on top. It does have two lights in the back that shine through the tinted windows when doing an arrest. This Bronco is modeled in such a way as to blend in as much as possible, it has fender, and windshield body work to make it look like a civilian car. Every window is tinted as well.



We have noticed this vehicle doing everything from minor stops for open containers, to mass arrests (that happened tonight on the corner of Jefferson and 2nd). They are aggressive, and will fuck with you!

Anyway just thought we would out these fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revolutionary Youth Collective
. 07.Sep.2004 20:39


bellingham wa. police have cars that blend in too.small pontiac sunbird compact.silver color like any suburban econocar.stocky female cop driving it.also have lime green ford taurus.it does have lights on top and police script on side,but it looks like any average sedan.very tricky.in line wioth their corruption and general civil rights abuse.

supercool 08.Sep.2004 10:10

a friend

supercool act. only when we take the power will we change the system. indymedia is a great tool!

awesome 09.Sep.2004 19:53


hey thanks you guys/gals rock! we shall overcome, maybe. we certainly do have this tool here to help. I'll be spreading the word to the digitilliterate.