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LaMarche campaign stop here in Oregon

Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Patricia LaMarche will be in Portland on October 1 as part of her "Left Our Tour".
Pat LaMarche will be in Portland on October 1 as part of her "Left Out Tour," a two week journey in which she'll sleep in a dozen homeless and domestic violence shelters and in a tent across from the Rhode Island statehouse. She'll also be holding an all night vigil in front of the current vice president's mansion in DC.

More campaign details will be forthcoming.

The Cobb/LaMarche campaign is committed to building a strong and vibrant Green Party, to offer voters an ongoing alternative to the two-party system.

David Cobb and Pat LaMarche are tireless advocates for working people; for equal rights, a living wage and health care for all; and for significantly reducing the bloated military budget and bringing our troops home now.

They consistently articulate Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) as the best solution to the "spoiler" problem. Join the Green Party and be part of the growing electoral movement for peace, real democracy, social and racial justice and a healthy environment.

homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org

Heh 07.Sep.2004 21:52


I hope when she comes you can scrounge up more than 8 or people. That's how many people show at the green party meetings now, isn't it? How many have you attended in the last year, Brian? How about the Conventions?

Hey Turquoise! 08.Sep.2004 09:37

Steve Geiger

Why do you hide behind a fake name when you add your incendiary comments?

Could it be because if you revealed who you are, then everyone would know what your anti-Green agenda is?

Getting people off their asses and involved is a problem for every single progressive group in town.
Show me one group where they have standing room only.
You can't, you won't.

Your attempt to paint people's apathy as being indicative of a problem only with Greens exposes your bias. My bet is you are just another bitter Nader supporter who is too cowardly to divuldge your name.

Greens are alive and well, thank you! 08.Sep.2004 13:37

Brian Setzler

I don't go to many meetings unless they have a specific purpose so I RARELY go to the weekly meetings. The last 3 Pacific Green Party hosted events I attended had between 15 and 50 people. (BBQ fundraiser for Tom Potter. Also present were candidates Xander Paterson, Teresa Keane and ???; Potluck meeting and fundraiser with Patricia LaMarche; Press conference to announce Teresa Keane's Senate race).

As Steve said, why don't you use your real name rather than hiding behind a mask while attacking Greens. What's up with your anti-Green agenda? Working for the Democratic Party are you?

Our values of peace, justice, ecology and grassroots democracy are unfulfilled progressive ideals we'll continue to work on. We'll be fine.