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Would Dr. Laura's Son Kick a Woman Who's Down?

Hijinx at the RNC.
This hasn't been confirmed, and might be grist for the urban legend mill (Snopes.com, et. al.),
but it is kind of amusing.
Supposedly a young snot at the RNC was videotaped repeatedly kicking a woman who was being detained by the secret service and was engage in a tussle with them. That's when the young man stepped in and started kicking her. An ABC affiliate shot the whole thing and the reporter attempted to interview the individual who was doing the kicking.
Now there is widespread speculation that the kicker is in fact Deryck Schlesinger, son of conservative nut-job Dr. Laura.
Link to video:
 link to ww2.7online.com
Link to story: http://patriotboy.blogspot.com/2004_09_01_patriotboy_archive.html#109443479625263721

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''dr. laura'' is a pharma drug pusher ,spreading corporate propaganda for social control.