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Ronald Reagan; The Wizard of Oz

This year's Christmas card of "The Secret Gathering of Gnostics" is a saterical political cartoon with plenty of explaining to do. It has once again appeared at www.fantazine.net/dajpage well before Christmas to also offer some commentary in time for this year's election. This card also dares to ask, "is George W. Bush a rapist?"
Wizard of Oz
Wizard of Oz
Let's start this year's essay with an apology for the openly political, even partisan theme, but that's the gnosis of the year, and how this year's card mirrors these times. This year's drawing also embraces a "Wizard of Oz" theme exhibiting some satirical caricatures. Our first subject to be explained is the woman known as "Our Lady of the Pillar". Her back is turned, and she's sinking in putrid mire. Her characteristic tattoos are mostly unintelligible symbols of black magik, reminiscent of dark spells and the conjuring of mysterious influences. One tattoo is the pentagram theme, once again ill dignified, representing the spirit under the domination of the 4 elements. Another image leaps from the confusion as the basic Nazi swastika symbol. This reiterates the Hitler analogy of the 2000 Christmas Card, which predicted a repeat of that 20th Century period of history. Has our 21st Century day and age yet produced a political creature the likes of Adolph Hitler? Have both Hitler and Bush staged terrorist events to advance their political and military ambitions, as well as to start wars against "terrorism"? This essay is prepared to argue that perhaps that is the case, and history is in deed currently repeating. Today's 9/11 Reichstag fire of sorts has pitted itself against an information age capable of applying the most thorough enquiry into an event, which perhaps was staged for the very purposes it now justifies. Earlier in the year 2001, before 9/11 occurred, Ziad Samir was traveling from Pakistan to Germany. He was detained and vigorously interrogated by foreign authorities. He was on his way to attend flight lessons in America ultimately to participate in the 9/11 catastrophe. Right in character for a FBI agency caught way too many times with its pants down in the act of enabling terrorist operations, the US government advised the foreign interrogators to let Ziad Samir go. Another tattoo on Our Lady is the triangle pointing down with a horizontal line through it. This is the alchemical symbol of Earth represented on the card because this year, Our Lady is our Mother Earth suffering from our thoughtless unwise exploitation of her riches and ecosystems. Although the fronts in this assault on every aspect of the Earth's natural resources are many, we will just mention the oil issue here. The oil issue serves to distract us also from recent repeals of regulations on mining, timber, genetically altered foods, Federal lands, global warming industrial polluters, and of course energy corporations. Some good news about our declining oil resources may be that we are beginning to grasp the hydrocarbon problem, and finding it very solvable. We achieve the miracle of fire, which ultimately powers our society by basically burning the hydrocarbons in wood, coal, natural gas, and oil. Today, as the secrets that power our world become known to the common man, we find ourselves in a world where cars exist that run on the fat and grease waste thrown out by restaurants. Corn is grown to provide crops for Ethanol, which is an organic fuel, used as an additive, and currently burning in our cars from the gas pump. We now understand that we can even convert our precious vehicles to burn pure hydrogen with the only waste by-product produced being water created as oxygen fuses with hydrogen atoms. The production of hydrogen is as simple as running an electric current through water (H2O), then hydrogen bubbles form off the electric wire while the current separates water's hydrogen from oxygen atoms. It even may be feasible to create a liquid base to synthesize with hydrogen produced around river dams, which could create an endless supply of clean burning synthetic fuel. Many alternatives to fossil fuels exist to yet save us from the mire all of us around the world find ourselves currently sinking into.

The artist has admittedly drawn Our Lady with her back tuned for personnel reasons, but also because she is beholden unto the next image on our Christmas Card, the Wizard of Oz, in the form of Ronald Reagan. His face is up in lights with its characteristic patented shit-eating grin. This year Ronald Reagan finally succumbed to the debilitating effects of Alzheimer's that had perhaps been taking its toll on him since his second term in office. In June of this year, the media image we all find ourselves beholden onto spent a couple weeks obsessed with Ronald Reagan, and it clearly was played for maximum distraction value in these war-torn times. That is, at least until the comparisons of the great Reagan to his self-proclaimed political heir, George W. Bush began to backfire. Even writers who despise Reagan, like myself, will admit he played his "roll" of President with eloquence and ease. As for the current pResident, we couldn't have had more hilarious moments of stumbling speech if Dan Quail had somehow become the President. Recently during a speech, George Bush had a trip of the tongue to rival his father's devastating, "read my lips" remark for being politically self-destructive. Already loosing in the polls with little legitimate hope of another election victory, George Bush said, and I quote, "Our terrorist adversaries are innovative and resourceful, and so are we (wink). They never stop thinking of new ways of harming America and its people, and neither do we", unquote. What should have become a hilariously effective John Kerry for President commercial, as well as an opportunity for professors to appear on talk shows educating Americans about the psychological phenomenon known as the Freudian slip. I so far haven't heard much about this comment outside a brief Jay Leno Tonight Show clip. I guess the corporate media is still doing all it can for Bush. The card features Reagan, the Hollywood actor President because he became the case study of the President as figurehead. Like the Wizard of Oz, he hid the criminal antics of his administration of right wing ideologues behind the loveable, yet strong leader image. His alibis of not knowing about this or that became more and more the honest truth toward the end of his administration. As someone who came of age during the Reagan years, this writer naively would have voted for the guy twice, if it weren't for a reluctance to participate in the obvious charade of politics at all. By the end of Reagan's second term, this writer thought the man to be guilty of some kind of treason. Feeling cleverly fooled by the Reagan show, and no longer na´ve about the mischief of that peculiar animal known as right wing, this writer never bothered to vote because of a reluctance of being fooled again. In light of recent events however, this writer has since joined that new demographic of registered voters resurrected from the invisible other half of the population previously too apathetic about a corrupt system to participate in it. So the Wizard is Ronald Reagan, finally dead, and ironically dieing as a mindless icon, not unlike the role he kept us all entertained with while alive. He swept his way into power during a terrorist hostage crisis, which was only the beginning of conspicuous connections between Republicans and Iran. Along with these seedy connections to unconstitutional espionage that accompanied Reagan, came the ascendance of George Bush Sr., his vice President who served as CIA director during the previous Carter Administration. Another curious change in the CIA during the administration of Jimmy Carter was the firing of a thousand CIA agents by Admiral Stansfield Turner in 1977 with the full authority and direction of the President. Fired amidst allegations of domestic mischief, these unemployed CIA agents specialized in assassination and election rigging among other specialties. After the fall of Carter came the Ronald Reagan show, which put a sugar coated face on the psyop waging war on the American population. Today however, computers and the Internet are creating a new reality sure to change the world with more critical resistance to the fairy tales that make up the world we live in. Our computer/Internet age is made up ultimately of 1's and 0's, or positive and negative charges. They multiply like cells of life itself into bits and bytes to form languages and then operating systems. This new reality is virtual, and no more or less real then our dreams at night, when our own biological computers run programs across synaptic charges on a multidimensional operating system called the cerebral cortex, differentiating humans from most animals. Today our night time neural programming struggles with the powers that be, who are acclimating us with television shows to condition our minds to the new Patriot Act police state, as well as the security benefits of no civil liberties. Go get em Dirty Harry! In the tradition of the Warren Commission, the 9/11 Commission has released its report, blind not only to political criminal negligence in the events leading to 9/11, but also blind to any criminal negligence at all, outside of course from the mysterious 19 dead hijackers. In fact no report would have been released at all from the Commission, (divided equally between Democrats and Republicans), had an agreement not been made that investigating the misuse by this administration of the bad intelligence they blame the CIA for, would not be conducted until after this year's election. Now this 9/11 Commission will recommend something that I have long coined, "solving the problem with the problem itself". In addition to some scary Big Brother recommendations that set the CIA loose on American society, they also want to bloat the dysfunctional bureaucracy who enabled 9/11 in the first place by choking ground investigations, which potentially could have thwarted the 9/11 crime. An independent criminal investigation of the 9/11 crime desperately needs to occur, and is sure to have more compelling results then this commission's whitewash. Too bad this tragedy has been shamelessly shanghaied by politics.

A curtain has definitely been pulled over recent events by a pResidency with an obsession for secrecy rivaling Nixon. Something is going on here, and wool is being pulled over our eyes. "Don't look at those 9/11 stock transactions behind the curtain", implicating the high ranking CIA Director Buzz Krongard. "I am the Great Oz!" Manipulating populations with terrorism is what terrorism is all about, and terrorism has always been a favorite issue with Republicans. One place our curtain of secrecy has fallen, is on a Turkish American ex-FBI translator named Sibel Edmonds, who is under a gag order for national security reasons that even prevented her complete testimony before the 9/11 Commission. She uncovered, in her brief employment with the FBI, (of translating 9/11 terrorist related chatter), evidence of deliberately mistranslated material, which enabled the 9/11 terrorists. This is the same kind of enabling under investigation by this year's Christmas Card. Zacharias Moussaoui is the alleged 20th hijacker picked up before 9/11 in August of 2001, however FBI agents couldn't get a warrant to confiscate his computer from the bureaucracy above, until too late. Now Zacharias Moussaoui is getting off like OJ, because the CIA won't allow Osama Bin Laden Lieutenants to testify at trial for "security reasons". Earlier this year, two conspirators in German court were recently released for lack of evidence because, once again, the CIA wouldn't release Al Qaeda witnesses for "security reasons". I suppose it's important to hide the truth in order to maintain the security of an illusion. Its just another example of the systematic stonewalling of all attempts to get at the truth. Its hard not to be convinced that the secret, which can't be let out, is how closely Al Qaeda operatives worked with our own government. Elaborating on the fact that Bin Laden was a product of our CIA, or that hijackers were doing flight training on military bases as well as Florida flight schools with conspicuous ties to the CIA, would be redundant since previous Christmas Cards have done the documenting already. Since 9/11, the government has been blocking investigations, controlling how we classify the facts, lying to us, and whitewashing all inquires into the 9/11 truth. The job of criminal is easy when the criminal is appointed to investigate himself, and allowed to determine what the facts really are, and also whether he is guilty or not. The collective booming population is pitted in this day and age against a rich aristocratic elite with their control of the media and its ability to shove opinions down our throats, telling us what we think. Rupert Murdock, owner of a media empire, which includes the Fox network, represents only one prominent member of Hillary Clinton's "vast right wing conspiracy". He has turned his mighty media empire toward the task of making us all think more Republican, which is what they happen to mean by "fair and balanced". I totally missed that "liberal media" everyone was talking about back there.

Today our war on terrorism, declared in response to 9/11, has morphed into an ugly occupation of a sovereign nation with lots of oil. The tens of thousands of innocents killed in this war are not even counted, and no doubt the soldier casualties are not truthfully reported. On the other side of the Card's curtain we see the Tin Man peering outside. This version of the Tin Man is played by Donald Rumsfield. He holds the traditional Tin Man axe, as well as wielding control of America's armies in our current anti-terrorist wars. Rumsfield is the first of our characters who control the Wizard of Oz from behind this curtain, where their evil mischief is "secure" from a potentially offended electorate. Rumsfield has been fighting his wars with lies. These compulsive lies are beginning to become a dangerous denial of defeat. This war is being fought with the lies of classic American right wing bigotry. This war is flaunting that ugly side of America, which this writer has never been proud of, in the face of the whole world. One major thing wrong with the conduct of this war is that this whole war's main reason is a corporate swindle by insider companies like Halliburton. We aren't even really imposing democracy on Iraq as much as we are imposing privatization scams on Iraq that have been resisted by our American democracy since Reagan. Deliberate things have been done to insure a long costly conflict that disenfranchises the Iraqi people themselves in the interest of American no-bid taxpayer rip-off contracts. We can't expect to turn this around without first firing the over priced Halliburton's and allowing the participation of the Iraqi people in the reconstruction of their own country. In fact, they should be in charge of it. It probably is already too late and we've done too good a job at creating the insurgency being identified more and more as the uprising. We may still be leaving soon with our tail between our legs. Because our leaders are clueless upper class morons, the war becomes based more and more on lies. We will never get our "truth" from the reality actually there no matter how much we torture in order to interrogate our truth from these lying Muslims. We can not know the nature of our enemy the insurgency while we are in denial of what the insurgency really is. That's been the nature of the war on terrorism from the beginning. We are at war, but we are not sure whom we are at war with. We must wake up from history because contrary to popular opinion, it is repeating itself. Recently Bush appointed a lawyer for the pResident, Alberto Gonzalez, to a high court. He is infamous now days for writing a legal defense of torture for the pResident.

Readers may recall Dick Cheney, soon after 9/11 on Meet the Press, making apologies for controversial and immoral things we will have to commit, and the "seedy" types we will have to associate with in this new "endless" MIGHT DOES NOT MAKE RIGHT, war (of terrorism) profiteering scam. Dick Cheney appears on this year's Card as the Cowardly Lion, secretly hard at work on the Wizard of Oz controls. Both Cheney and Rumsfield go back to the Nixon Administration. They probably helped take over the agenda of the executive branch during Reagan's second term as Alzheimer's began to turn the President more and more into a puppet figurehead. Perhaps by control of Reagan's executive orders they established control of the secret government for preservation of power during crisis, which Reagan signed into existence. Both Cheney and Rumsfield were active in early secret FEMA operations training for the implementation of this secret government, should some calamity take the legitimate government out. In light of Cheney's love for working behind the scenes as well as this secret government being now mentioned in the television news, it appears that our Tin Man and Cowardly Lion may have self-appointed themselves in charge of this secret government. They also pull strings in the current figurehead administration. Their policies have directly resulted in secret prisons around the world indulging in torture. Vice pResident President Dick Cheney, our Cowardly Lion, works the paper shredder inadvertently in reverse, and the shredded paper pieces are coming together in the form of the popular Abu Ghraib prison photos. Cheney's guilty behavior still includes the withholding of Energy task force records sure to read like a bunch of pirates dibbing up booty they were planning to loot from a war on Iraq. Another smoking gun in Cheney's energy task force records might be talk of war in Afghanistan and the lucrative aspects of a pipeline to a hence failed Dubois Enron owned power plant in India. Today the price of oil rises while oil companies post record profits. Recently some Enron tapes were released of energy traders gloating over the stealing of California money in a shameless energy-trading rip-off. Dick Cheney was vigorously outspoken in defense of the Enron privatized power crime. These tapes when heard are as damning to this administration as the Abu Ghraib torture photos.

That brings us to the Scare-Crow without a brain, who is pResident George W. Bush. In 2000, among a slew of fraud, voter disenfranchisement, and an out right Supreme Court decided election, there was an ex-CIA agent named Charles W. Cane, who was caught in Florida's Martin County correcting ballots in the 2000 election. He was among the CIA assets fired by President Jimmy Carter back in the 70's. He evidently now works for George Bush. On March 11, 2004 the Madrid bombings occurred while the right wing government of war allies lied to its skeptical people about the culprits who were responsible. The government was trying to blame a local Spanish political terrorist group. The public outrage at being lied to was the undoing of the incumbent government, and Spanish troops are consequently now withdrawn from Iraq. I used to think American people similarly would never tolerate brazen lies from our politicians either. I guess we'll see. At the risk of it being completely forgotten, I'll also mention here that this year was also when America marched in and took over the country of Haiti. But who cares? To add to Bush's bad year, the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, who survived a Bush/CIA sponsored coup attempt a couple years before, overwhelmingly won his recall election on August 15, 2004. Now his pro-poor people revolution is more popular than ever. That's one oil rich country we are failing to control, and Arnold Schwarzenegger probably wouldn't go over as well in Venezuela as he did in the California recall election. After almost 4 years with Bush in the Whitehouse, that frat prank smirk he had while running for office has explained itself countless times. The more than seven infamous minutes he spent persevering with a reading to children photo op while the nation was clearly under attack has hit the mainstream thanks to an anti-Bush Michael Moor documentary, "Fahrenheit 9/11". Michael Moor was threatening to do this during a Grammy acceptance speech last year for a previous movie. In spite of parent company Disney refusing to release the movie, its currently breaking box office records. Lot's of theories abound about why Bush and so many others seemed to do nothing for excruciating periods of time that morning, but this essay proposes that they were deliberately waiting for the terrorist operation to be completed. It seems deliberate that no effort was made to stop the crime which, contrary to kicking and screaming administration denials, was so anticipated the entire summer before. They needed to accomplish the difficult task of starting a war, which needed the approval of a fickle pre-9/11 population. The subsequent events and actions explain why they let it happen. After Bush's photo op, he was taken to Air Force One where he contacted his Vice pResident who instructed the pResident to not return to Washington. Bush's day is spent running amok around the country while the secret government leader takes over, ordering Flight 93 shot down even though it conveniently crashes on its own (honest). It was so important to eliminate all of the 9/11 crime scene evidence that clean up workers were deliberately lied to by the EPA about the toxic air quality of the area where the towers had collapsed. Now health problems abound in southern Manhattan as a result of being lied to. Recently a piece of a visa belonging to one of the hijackers was recovered from the debris of Flight 93. The visa displayed a face that was plainly not the same face as the official FBI version of this hijacker's image, which was so quickly produced by our hard working FBI after 9/11. At least a couple of the hijackers identified by the FBI have turned out to be still alive after all. Even Mohammad Atta, considered the leader of the 9/11 hijackers, has a father that swears he still often hears from his son. A proper investigation of the crime would no doubt have opened an interesting can of worms. It came out this year that the World Trade Center had its security completely turned off the Saturday before for some very loud and extensive renovation work. Since George Bush's mission from G-d is to proclaim an "endless" war (of) on terrorism, it is in the interest of this right wing administration to create conditions conducive to creating more terrorists. This is because the gang of criminals, who were our enemy on September 12th 2001, was inadequate for the job of endless war. Thus an Iraq war was orchestrated in the interest of war profiteers. The war was mishandled for the sake of creating a more formidable enemy in our war. Like the sign said, "Mission Accomplished". The Iraq war provides a dramatic distraction from the original crime that killed almost 3000 Americans, as well as a cover for a domestic agenda devastating to our environment, resources, and civil rights. Bush keeps Al Qaeda alive along with the danger of terrorism because Al Qaeda keeps Bush alive. Bush needs to turn a war on a gang of thugs into a war against the Middle East. So the disproved Iraq/Al Qaeda connection remains important. They blew the cover of a CIA agent involved in deep undercover anti-terrorist operations named Valerie Plame. All for the sake of intimidating dissent, since her husband called Bush on his State of the Union lie about Iraq buying uranium from Nigeria. Their hand picked Iraqi leader, Ahmed Chalabi has tuned out to be an Iranian double agent. They recently exposed an informant in Pakistan, who was working deep within Al Qaeda itself, while they were trying to respond to skepticism over the timing of an orange terrorist alert. The alert went in effect right after the Democratic Convention, and it was based on 3-year-old information. There is definitely no "honor and dignity" restored to this Whitehouse. I'll take a discrete consensual private blowjob to the Abu Ghraib torture photos any day. What is so "secure" about orchestrating WWIII out of a crime by a bunch of thugs? As the Scare-Crow of our Wizard of Oz theme, Bush appears flimsy like a puppet. This death penalty loving leader who claims to speak for G-d himself has a past surely much darker then others G-d is known to speak through. In September of 2003, this writer ran across an article on the Internet < http://www.opednews.com/thoreau1103bush_rape_suicide.htm> about a Margie Schoedinger who had recently turned up dead from a suicide, caused by a bullet in her head. The big news, which never really made the news, about this woman was that she had formally submitted court petitions against George W. Bush because since December of 2000, Bush had repeatedly been drugging this woman and raping her. She claimed in the course of events that the American pResident had impregnated her, which resulted in a miscarriage. Her husband was also drugged and may have also been raped. Needless to say the allegations may or may not have been true, and now that Margie has allegedly killed herself, we may never know. I was able to go to the Fort Bend County Court House website at the time, and view copies of her court petitions, which made very compelling reading. Those court petitions have since disappeared from that website, however I have downloaded copies and posted them at < http://www.fantazine.net/dajpage/courtpetition/Margie.htm>. Whether our Scare-Crow has anything to do with the demise of Margie Schoedinger or not, we may never know. It did come out in the investigation that George Bush had been dating Margie when she was a minor. Now she's in danger of becoming amongst the disappeared by the hand of the Bush family dynasty, but we've caught a glimpse of her and can keep her memory alive here.

On the Card, the Cowardly Lion has the paper shredder in reverse and the pieces are coming together. Truth isn't just seeping out of the cracks these days; it's threatening to blow the lid off this can of worms. This writing only touches on the allegation that our beloved FBI has a history of enabling crimes like the World Trade Center demolition. Terrorism, thanks to the skills of politicians and media, is deliberately being transformed into a mountain from all kinds of little molehills, to include summer warnings of bombs hid in floatation devises to being told to watch out for dark skinned people with brief cases. From the beginning of Iraq war plans, the Pentagon had booked Ahmed Chalabi, head of a group of Iraq exiles, as the next leader of the country. It has long been public knowledge that he's been found guilty in absentia of embezzling millions from a Jordanian bank, which crippled the Jordan economy. Now a man more directly connected to the CIA, Inad Allawi, has been made Iraqi leader, after Chalibi's home is dramatically raided by Iraqi police who are overseen by the CIA. The CIAnow alleges that Chalabi has been passing sensitive information to Iran, as well as being a counterfeiter of old Iraqi currency. His connection to Iran was old news, but the timing of this raid was such that the UN Ambassador in charge of appointing the new leader, Brahimi couldn't justify appointing the Chalabi asset now labeled liability. For reasons unrelated to this (honest), CIA director Tenet suddenly resigns in July, 4 months before the election. The consequences of this event, rumored to be a Bush firing for disloyalty, are playing out as the hasty appointment of Peter Goss to replace Tenet. He is a Republican Senator from Florida, who recently introduced legislation, which gives the CIA authority to arrest American citizens. He is sure to drop the Valerie Plame case. The pieces are beginning to come together on this year's Card in the form of Abu Ghraib prison photos. Has the CIA caused these photos to be released in an ongoing secret silent domestic dispute in the American government between the CIA and Pentagon? The first of these, located right behind Rumsfield's Tin Man cap, isn't really from a photo at all, but a video instead. It's a frame from the recent beheading of Nick Berg by Al Qaeda, incidentally occurring in response to the Abu Ghraib revelations. Many would say that this isn't really an Abu Ghraib prison photo at all, but many, to include this essay, would argue that it really is. Nick Berg was an American Jew with a telecommunications company that did business with the Abu Ghraib prison facility during the blooming of the torture scandal. The Nick Berg controversy goes much deeper than that. In 2002, we've learned that the FBI interviewed Nick Berg in reference to his Email password being used by our 20th hijacker Zacharias Moussaoui. The FBI ingeniously concluded that there is nothing to this connection and that they just bumped into each other on a bus one day. At the time, Nick Berg worked, (as a janitor?), at the University of Oklahoma where evidence has been produced proving that a Caucasian employee or student at the University purchased an airline ticket for one of the Flight 93 hijackers. The University of Oklahoma in Norman OK had other tenuous connections to 9/11. A certain retired Senator Boren, who was instrumental in the appointment of Tenet to the CIA, was then Dean of the University, where Mohammad Atta and the 9/11 hijackers themselves, (or the people impersonating them), had made lengthy stops. In addition to Boren, a senior CIA agent, involved in the 1973 coup of Chili, Professor Edgar also worked at this University. Some have presented these facts to advance a theory that there was a covert CIA operation in OK to follow the hijackers on to Flight 93, and stop what they thought would become a typical hostage hijacking. The ensuing mainstream story of brave American passengers bringing Flight 93 down in Pennsylvania supports the bungled sting operation theory. This essay however, would like to pile this batch of compelling circumstantial evidence onto the theme of our Government enabling events like 9/11, the 1993 WTC bombing, The Oklahoma city bombing, the Wako massacre etc... Much effort was also made in addition to enabling hijackers by purchasing their tickets. Security had to be stood down to allow hijackers on Flight 93 with their weapons, which we are beginning to learn were much deadlier than just box cutters. From the Nick Berg-9/11 connection, we find Nick Berg a couple years later hanging around Abu Ghraib prison, contracted to repair a radio tower overlooking the infamous A-1 cell block where the exposed torture occurred. After the internet began spreading the prison photos around like a plague to bring about the death of this war, we suddenly find ourselves being entertained by a sloppy Bush-helping Al Qaeda psyop of the Berg beheading in order to distract us from all that dirty Bush-porn. It seems that the agenda pursued by Al Qaeda would have been better served by doing nothing at a time when the enemy was in the process of destroying themselves. Never mind the same walls and chair existing in the Abu Ghraib photos as well as the Nick Berg video. At the time, an internet rumor existed of investigators in Kodak Park of Rochester New York who were examining the Kodak mark on the Berg video, and finding it to be identical to the mark on a video released of Abu Ghraib dogs chewing on naked Iraqis. This may or may not be true, and their may even be no such thing as a Kodak mark, however spokesmen for the Iraqi resistance have denounced the Berg beheading as being not their own. Other photos exhibit standard methods of preparing Islamic types for interrogation by making them naked. They are disoriented with sandbags over their heads. They are forced to masturbate and give each other oral sex. Female panties on the head are a good slap in the face for an Islamic heathen. Dogs are allowed to lacerate naked prisoners and we see dominatrix Lindsey England stitching one such wound with a smile and a thumbs up. Perhaps we, or at least the rest of the world, would care less about this if the photos were taken of naked Negroes in a Texas maximum-security prison. We have now fought the dark skins over there that embrace basically the same religion as our hijackers. Let's get em America! This flings the ugliest American prejudice and bigotry for the rest of the world to see, and the world was so endeared to our good side. The Abu Ghraib scandal is the ugly face of America's so called war on terrorism. This is what the war on terrorism is turning our country and us into. Deal with it America! As the pieces come together, the half ass laid, but well financed plans if rich right wing ideologues begin to unravel. Recently, Pakistan beheaded a man named Sheikh, on behalf of the death of Daniel Perl, who had been investigating Pakistan ISI/Al Qaida connections until his beheading was video taped by Al Qaeda. Both the US Government and the wife of Daniel Perl acknowledge that Sheikh had nothing to do with the beheading of Daniel Perl. What he did do is send $100,000.00 to the head 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, under the Pakistan ISI direction of Director General Mohammed Ahmed. Evidence exists that the Perl death was carried out by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, apprehended by the US in a well-publicized successful bust. He can't be tried for this because the US Government won't release him from the enemy combatant void because he might reveal "classified secrets". Recently our impeachable Supreme Court got off its partisan ass, and ruled that detainees, held at Guantanamo for 3 years now can contest their detentions in some kind of court. Because of this, we are now hearing of Abu Ghraib-style interrogations as well as medical experiments being committed by our Marines in Cuba. The well disciplined Marines kept this quiet for years, but it unraveled in a couple months when brought over to Iraq and given to undisciplined ex-civilian Reservists. Now the American Muslim named Hamdi, held without charge for years, is being allowed freedom if he denounces citizenship, returns to Saudi Arabia, and submits to probation. Our government suddenly has no case against this Muslim if he actually has to be guilty of something. Darn!

Surrounding the Card along the margin is the Gnostic demi-urge, known as Yaldabaoth. This god was a lion/serpent who the early Gnostics equated to the Christian god laying siege on Rome by the followers of Paul the Apostle. He was featured on the 1998 Christmas Card, which forewarned of a coming world leader who would deceive Christians in seeing the second coming of Christ in what is actually the second coming of Constantine. The 1998 Card went out on a limb predicting how this leader would use the Y2K bug to usher himself into power. In defense of the Card, it does predict a miraculous recovery from Y2K, which for most of us was true since it amounted to dates in the Windows operating system being 19199 until receiving the Windows fix patch. I might also add in defense of election predictions related to the Y2K bug that we have yet to examine the Diebold election machine source code for Y2K bugs that would indeed have been set loose on the 2000 election results. With or without such a potential Y2K glitch, versions of this source code have been released on the Internet by Bev Harris of www.blackboxvoting.com, which revealed glitches in this source code to make many a programmer's jaw drop. Now faced with dismal re-election prospects, our Christian leader who is the epitome of anti-Christian, has sent memos to churches enlisting their support. This move shouldn't be underestimated as Christians currently glory in their crusader pResident, and make up his most reliable base. This writer regretfully admits that his own good Christian mother is probably brainwashed enough to voter for the guy. The Christian influence on this pResident has twisted to shreds the Israeli/Palestinian conflict toward unfair support for G-d's chosen citizens of Israel. Bush is conducting operation Armageddon with the Iraq war conveniently distracting us from the 9/11 unsolved crime, and turning our dispute with terrorist radicals into a holy war against Islam. Christians believe themselves to be destined as the judges of the world in these latter days, but its also iterated in the New Testament that a false savior shall deceive many in the last days. Perhaps we should differentiate those who hear what the spirit says from those who receive their calling from false religion, and Christian sermons designed originally by the Pentagon. There is an impending judgment to be brought on the events following 9/11. Many people no doubt exist who may never rest until Bush and his band of corporate fascist cronies, whether they win this election or not, are brought to trial for war crimes against humanity. A fate he can share with his good buddy, and would be head of the 9/11 Commission, Henry Kissenger. Let he who hath an ear, hear what the spirit says. The recent American torture scandal features Lindsey England with the same last name as our main ally in this war. Now torture evidence is surfacing that reveals England has proven no better at waging Geneva Convention friendly warfare then America. The PM Tony Blair may yet face impeachment over the Iraq debacle. Last year the space shuttle mission featuring the world's first Israeli astronaut crashed over the President's home state of Texas right before the war, as the dignity of the planet Uranus in Aquarius was giving way to the sign of Pisces. The network news at the time reported this crash occurring over the city of Palestine Texas. There defiantly is a profound irony afoot. Perhaps G-d really is speaking to George Bush. Its been common knowledge for some time that G-d has been in the market to hire an anti-Christ for these end times, perhaps out of the qualified scoundrels who enlist in the last refuge of the Born Again brainwashed, of which our rehabilitated alcoholic pResident is a member of. Previous essays have mentioned that the Pope is quoted as telling Bush that if he goes into Iraq, he goes without G-d. The Pope thinks G-d speaks to him also, representing a tradition going back way further than any tradition of American Presidents embracing the delusion. An Internet rumor currently exists that the Pope fears that George W. Bush is the prophesied anti-Christ, and regrets being perhaps too old to confront this new manifestation of the Beast. In light of Bush's Christian trip, it's not a hard stretch of the imagination to think he is conducting a modern day crusade against the heathen. By the way, Christians can call them heathen. Hell, they call us infidels! The point is, however that megalomania should be impeachable. A religious war is the only way he can draw a logical connection between Saddam and Bin Laden. Surely the true G-d beyond the demi-urge is on everybody's side, and our American occupation of a defenseless sovereign nation is hard to justify in an American mindset, formed by a tradition of independence from foreign tyrannies and occupiers. Oh, who to root for?! American Christianity is even traditionally kinder and gentler then the George Bush serial killer variety of Christianity, exhibited by a "torture and intimidate it till it agrees with our truth" attitude. Its not hard to demonstrate that there exist versions of Christianity based on Love and versions based on Hate. We now face an election likely to separate these sheep from the goats. It's hard to imagine Bush legitimately winning and easy to imagine him hard at work to win illegitimately anyway. It's G-d who's calling him to the Presidency anyway, so it's all right to cheat. The fraudulent voter purge list from Florida, where ex-felons may never vote again without a tedious process to reinstate, was reluctantly released for public examination and thus reluctantly thrown away because the public discovered a "glitch" in the list. This so called "glitch" caused not only countless thousands of legitimate voters to be on the list of mostly black Americans, but on the entire list, only 60 or so out of over 60,000 names were Hispanic felons who happen to be notorious for voting Republican. Will Bush's old ally of terrorism also come to his aid and make John Kerry the next Bobby Kennedy? These are bleak times. The tax-dodging rich have managed, thanks to Bush, to throw the burden of taxes on the already struggling middle class, while at the same time indulging a war crime that is creating record deficits. We've already cursed our children with this bill and he's not through with us yet. Wake up America and fix this! These guys are so detached from reality that reality is about to come up and bite them in the ass, and all the money in the world won't save them. Hopefully when all is said and done, it will be Bush and his cronies who "shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever". REV. 20:10.

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Davol White dajson@newcity.com

This was posted before some final editing and I appologise for spelling Michael Moore's name wrong. A couple other things are different on the final draft posted to my website www.fantazine.net/dajpage . The links are not working because of a Greater Than sign (>) at the end. Remove the '>' on the browser address and you can view genuine courtpetitions against pResident Bush for rape. I hope Bush looses in November if not sooner via impeachment, but I must admit, I love to hate the guy.