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Too Funny For Words

of Bush Saying OBGYNs Should be Allowed to Practice their "Love with Women All Across this Country."
I thought I had heard it all. There is a new book out that alleges a lot more and recent coke use than previously thought. (I think Neil Bush's ex is the source) If anyone reading this has medical experience with substance abusers can you tell me if it is some sort of brain damage. I don't understand it
This guy.... 07.Sep.2004 17:38

George W. Bush

is a fucking nutter, isn't he! Too funny! Thanks!

Bad Link? Or just pulled 07.Sep.2004 18:29


Can't get the video. Did Rove and the boys pull it already?

Sit-com nation 07.Sep.2004 19:06


I finally understand why so many support Bush! The secret is you can't take him seriously. He is a comic. The whole last 3 1/2 years have been one long situation comedy. No wonder the world is laughing at us.

my brain! arggh! my brain! 08.Sep.2004 03:55

hurt to think!

I've been listening to audio from the RNC protests, and contrasting it in my head with the equivalent material we got back in the "anti-globalization" period.

Dubya has made America stupid again.

Clinton was evil, but at least he was intelligent. America was talking about complicated subjects in grown-up ways. Dubya is an idiot. You can't talk about him without talking about stupid shit. You can't refute him without discussing stupid things in stupid ways. You argue with Bush supporters and it's like grading the crayon drawings of five-year-olds. "Susie, you used too much green here on this side of the sky." "And what kind of animal IS that, Johnny? an elephant? oh, it's a snail! of course it looks like a snail!"