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Regarding "Neither Zionism Nor Anti-Semitism"

Regarding "Neither Zionism Nor Anti-Semitism"

---John Paul Cupp, North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism


The following was a response to the list-server of "Students for Justice in Palestine", regarding a response, in a paraphrase condemning "both Zionism and anti-Semitism", with regards to a posting linking to the website of "The International Jewish Conspiracy".

It is my hopes that this helps to improve the principled ideological basis for anti-Zionism in the US. Please note that this illustrates what could be virtually the entire "pro-Palestine" movement in the US, the general defeatism of the post-Oslo era, and the surrender to Zionism of anti-war circles.


Blanket anti-Americanism could theoretically reach a dangerous and unacceptable height, but under the current geo-political landscape, anti-Americanism, is to be encouraged, and is a sign of the world's movements vitality against imperialist hegemony. That is, anti-Americanism and not just anti-US imperialism, but ideological assault on the national chauvinism and backwardness of the US masses is a necessary,advantageous, and effective tool. Does this require the world's masses to "prove that they do not hate all Americans"? Of course not. This is an absurd attack on logic.

The burden is on the US masses, the US working class, to prove their determination against US imperialism, and the wanton reactionary backwardness around them. If at times, anti-Americanism takes on forms which contain reactionary baggage, they are still, none the less, overwhelmingly to be supported. It is not simply a matter of "neither US imperialism nor Anti-US sentiment".

Your statement is a bit of a misnomer like the word "anti-Semitic" (which not all Jews come from a "Semitic" background, particularly the "Semiticness" of most European Askenazics is in serious question stemming from the old Khazar debate, and of course ALL ARABS ARE SEMITES.)

The fact is, that a large extreme super-majority of "Jews" in the US operate under a Zionist paradigm, with the egotistical illusion of being a chosen people belonging to a non-existent nationality, and they are destroying intentionally and systemically, in a way just as bad (even worse) than the cartoonish and slanderous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" tripe. From these Zionist acts of sabotage and infiltration, our mass movements have dearly suffered. If we are serious about forming and improving our revolutionary and progressive movements, ideological struggle, and not political correctness or expediency, is in order.

To provide symmetry between anti-Jewish chauvinism (or alleged) and Zionism, is a Zionist tactic, because it suggests that Zionism is a malformed response to "anti-Semitism" and not money-worship, greed, and racism, as is understood to be the basis of every other settler-colonial, fascist, and imperialist movement. It leads one to the conclusion that their is such a thing as "too anti-Zionist" when in fact, you just can't be 'too anti-Zionist" when Zionism is an intentional strengthening force for the fascism-in-power of our era. Obviously an anti-fascist, is a better anti-fascist, as their militant ideology continues to grow and improve, rather than being "just as bad" (or worse) than fascism.

The burden of proof is on Jews, as individuals and as a collective, to prove that they are not Zionists, in a REAL AND PRINCIPLED WAY, and not on anti-Zionists, particularly Arabs fighting a "Jewish" occupation, to prove that they do not hate, mistrust, etc "The Jews". If Zionism and Judaism/Jewishness, are not one in the same, they also are not fully separable. The second, under the current landscape is more dangerous. The first largely non-existent and a boogie man.

Any Jew claiming to be a member of a non-existent "Jewish" nationality is a liar and a Zionist pig, who should be thrown out of our movements despite whatever proclamations these neo-Bundist saboteurs make of being "anti-Zionist" or "pro-Palestinian". In fact liberal Zionists and "anti-Zionist" Zionists are far more deadly and dangerous than a wolf that shows its teeth for all to see. Owing to the petty-bourgeoisie and youthful nature of our mass movements, these careful ideological struggles against opportunism in favor "unity" ( which includes unity with blatant reactionaries and enemies within) are the trend. United Fronts that do not exist within principled parameters, are United Fronts with the power structure against anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist class struggle, and not against the power structure for whom they were formed to combat. In other words, they are self-defeating (unless they were really formed for cynical reasons), and at times, work against the overall strategy.

Lastly, things are based on their MERIT and not on how controversial they are, unless of course we are to base things on popularity and political expediency, and not on principle. The latter is certainly the case with the Zionist-controlled and defeatist movements, over here, with regards to Palestine, Arab National Liberation, and the world-wide phenomenon of Zionism.

We see this negation of principle in the US "Palestine Solidarity" movements which negate the overall strategy of Arab Struggle IE armed struggle (including the human bomb tactic which is valid in the case of settler-colonialism) and the Arab Identity of Palestine, in favor of "peace" and "human rights" (an imperialist paradigm) and "International Law" (controlled by imperialism), in contrast to the inalienable right to resist. That is, we see one after another, the attempts of "pro-Palestine" groups to objectively negate the vanguard role of the militarization of the intifadah and normalize relations with the Zionist Entity, even if under the reformist guise of "divestment" (until "Israel" does this or that, or complies with this or that resolution, rather than completely rejecting it in all forms). In contrast to this, the overwhelming majority of Arabs, including Palestinians, reject normalization of relations with the Zionist Entity and recognize the Arab Identity of Palestine, along its historic boundaries, a correct and uncompromising stance against Settler-colonialism.

Even the Palestinian political prisoners engaging in hunger strikes, use such as tactics to complement an overall strategy ( or to provide day to day gains without compromising the overall strategy and its principles) and not to lose their strategic aims and general line at the bequest of fascist-colluder Ghandians preaching "Non-Violence". This is because the West, in its surrender to the intellectually dishonest "Holocaust" paradigm cannot stand the thought of "Killing Jews" even if such "Jews" are colonialists/fascists, acting as a human base for imperialism, and even if such principled armed struggle, is necessary, valid, and effective, towards the noble goal of LIBERATING THE LAND.* In place of fighting to win, we tie one arm around our backs, and "bitch-slap" the Zionist enemy on the hand while asking "Am I being too anti-Semitic?". No national liberation struggle, has historically won full victory or even partial gains, with such a strategy (or lack of).

"The Jews" are not special, and this is the real lesson that must be learned. What's good for the Jew is good for the Goyim and vice versa. We must struggle against such arrogance and the anti-war movement's surrender to Zionism/Jewish chauvinism (including the Bundist argument of an illusionary "Jewish Nationality"), with all tools at our disposal, without reservation. This is exactly what "concerns about anti-Semitism" are attempting to cover up, as their real goal, a goal REAL anti-Zionists should never collude with under a fake flag of "anti-fascism" and "combating anti-semitism". Call me a "racist anti-Semite", if you or others must, but I dare to question if the overwhelming extreme super-majority of American "Jews" are willing to step out of their comfort zone and privilege to do just that, and with or without their support, the struggle against Zionism must march on boldly.

Ultimately, the support of American or world Jewry is unnecessary for there to be struggle against Zionism, because anti-Zionism has nothing to prove, beyond just that, that it is against Zionism, unequivocally. The struggle against Zionism loses its vitality and falls into defeatism, when it loses its compass and makes unnecessary concessions or declarations, in order to gain support that compromises its overall objectives, the defeat of Zionism and destruction of its entity. Here again, we see the failure of the post-Oslo left.

No matter how malformed anti-Zionism may be, it is never, under the objective geo-political conditions, as dangerous, or a fraction their in, of Zionism, an enemy of humankind, may death be up it and its entity! There just isn't any compromise with fascism-in-power, nor "speaking truth to power"!

For the Arab Identity of Palestine and Destruction of "Israel"!
Against the Catch-phrase "Neither Zionism nor Anti-Semitism"!


* Paraphrasing an important theme from a keynote essay "On the Question of 'Pro-Palestinian' Jews", written by Dr. Ibrahim Alloush, Editor of The Free Arab Voice.

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how to deal with assholes like JPC 09.Sep.2004 17:24


DON'T: Take the bait and reply to the thread. More often than not, it is not an attempt at actual discussion than it is a ploy to draw attention to a "cause" (in this case, deportation/murder of all Israelis in the Middle East). Responding will only spark a flame war, which can only draw attention, and new recruits, towards the aforementioned "cause". IF someone else responds, or the poster has a pack of followers who respond themselves, you're fucked.

DO: Ignore the thread until it drops off the main newswire. This way, fewer people will know of its existence.

DON'T: Ask a PDXIndyTech to compost the thread, even if it's the appropriate course of action per the PDX Indy editorial guidelines; this will only draw cries of "censorship!", thus playing into the original poster's hand.

DO: Gloat.