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1000 dead and counting
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September 7, 2004
Release Number: 04-09-05C



BAGHDAD -- One Task Force Baghdad Soldier was wounded in an improvised explosive device attack in Baghdad that took place at about 11 p.m. Sept. 6. The Soldier was evacuated to a medical facility and later died of his wounds about 2 a.m. Sept. 7.

The name of the Soldier killed is being withheld pending notification of the next of kin.

The incident is under investigation.

Thats only 07.Sep.2004 14:35

the official

numbers...actual numbers are said by independent journalists to be much higher. For one thing, the Pentagon counts only official military personnel, they do not count civilian "contractors". And, of course, what about the thousands of service people who will die of DU, chemical and biological poisoning received while in Iraq...not to mention the suffering of the Iraqi people.

Congradulations to the Iraqi Resistance! 07.Sep.2004 15:20

John Paul Cupp

First of all, I suspect that this number is less than a small fraction of the real numbers

Second of all, I avail myself of this occassion to send my firm congradulations to the Iraqi Fedayeens, liberating the homeland. Every Yankee soldier who falls in Iraq, is a victory for the anti-imperialist class struggle.

Beyond Belief 07.Sep.2004 15:34

Happily Licking The Boots Of Dear Leader!

John Paul,

You are beneath contempt - but I guess you already knew that.

Someday I dearly hope you can experience something equivalent to life in a North Korean prison camp - karma has a way of doing that...

here's the ORIGINAL posting on Portland Indymedia 06.Sep.2004 11:03 07.Sep.2004 17:31


US Military Fatalities In Iraq Reach 1,000


here's the ORIGINAL posting on Portland Indymedia 07.Sep.2004 17:32

06.Sep.2004 11:03 reapost

US Military Fatalities In Iraq Reach 1,000


BLACK ARM BANDS Please! 07.Sep.2004 17:49


It's time to ware BLACK ARM BANDS and ware them until each and every one of our troops come home safe!!!!!!!

yeah, black armbands 07.Sep.2004 19:00


I like the black armband idea. I think we should wear them for the iraqi victims of bushco policy as well as the american victims of same. There is a difference between the naive schmo who joined the national guard to make ends meet and ronald dumbsfeld/psycho killer.
Capitalism is the driving force of imperialism, and when you're dissatisfied with the practices of an enterprise, you want to take that out on the management, not the employees.
Time to go buy a black bandana, and some Johnny Cash records.

To Happily 07.Sep.2004 20:21

Pravda or Consequences

Maybe someday you will get to experience the torture of Abu Ghraib at the hands of patriotic/psychotic Americans. Karma has a way of doing that.

yob tsvauu mat 07.Sep.2004 22:39


yob tsvauu mat!

GOD! YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKED UP! 08.Sep.2004 15:46


How the FUCK can you guys be praising the terrorists? Do you guys NOT get it or are you just being "good infidels" hoping if they attack here again, your worthless lives will be spared?
Or maybe it just comes from sniffing glue.. who knows with you Nazis.

terrorists! terrorists! terrorists! 08.Sep.2004 16:14

mom, there's a terrorist IN MY PANTS!

Iraqis fighting uniformed American occupiers are not "terrorists" by any meaningful definition. The original Nazis were happy to label resistance forces inside Europe "terrorists" at the time. Everybody acknowledges the Nazis were full of shit now ... because they lost. They didn't get to write the history books.

Anybody who thinks the people America killed on the way into Baghdad were the same people who arranged Sept. 11, 2001, is an idiot or a racist or both. It's just not true, and we're tired of talking about it. You're obviously not interested in measurable facts. America's geographically and sociopolitically isolated, and you can live in a fantasy world if you want to. Go getcherself the next Hitler. Who's the next Hitler? We got Saddam. That didn't change anything. Ready for wars with Iran and Syria, and a draft? Maybe next time it'll be over quickly and everything'll be flowers & ice cream after that. Call Steven Spielberg. His wars never last more than three hours or so.


John Paul Cupp

Anyone that doesn't support Attacks on US troops, doesn't really support Iraq, or its resistance. THE GI, IS OBJECTIVELY THE HIRED GUN OF IMPERIALISM SQUELCHING A NATIONAL-LIBERATION STRUGGLE.

Do you all suggest that Iraq, Afghanistan, etc should not target occupiers for attacks, because in so doing you are SUPPORTING THE OCCUPATION of their soil. The liberation of Iraq, nor Afghanistan, will not come about, without bleeding out imperialist cannon fodder mercenaries. This is science not "hate" nor "extremism" and the wheels of history do not stop their motion for your son or daughter, because AMERICANS ARE NOT SPECIAL.