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Speculation 0n Pending Terror Attacks:

This article was written by Jackson Grimes, the United Fascist Union candidate for U. S. President and, submitted to the Wilkes-Barre, PA "Times Leader" newspaper as a letter to the editor. I post it here on his behalf now.
This is a statement of conjecture based on simple logic. If the conspiracy theorists speculation about Bush and his henchmen staging the so-called Terrorist Attacks in the fall of 2001 themselves are correct, we think this power mad cabal will stage more phony terrorist attacks around the time of the election to confound and confuse the public and to hinder or halt it.

The United Fascist Union offers you these words of warning as we believe Bush and his henchmen intend to continue to stage these false terror strikes so they can make us all into slaves.


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What's a wage slave? 08.Sep.2004 09:12

Hal E. Burton

How would you tell the difference? They're already talking about raising the Social Security eligibility age. Where's the big distinction for most folks? When I hear the talk of "ownership society" I hear "go get yourself into a 30 debt obligation."